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Gate1travel - Italy in April 3.9 Upon landing in Venice we were greeted immediately by Gate1 reps. They than directed and led us to a beautiful mahogany speed boat which sped us to... Pennymac - FRAUD, DECEPTION, Forced placed insurance, Lying Customer service reps Customer service, over the period of 8 months, lied about the cause of a 1000 dollar increase to my mortgage payment. First they stated it was a tax i... Acceptance Now Lease Agreement Review from South Hadley, Massachusetts 4.4 I listed a few references when I applied, under the understanding that they would be used to approve my application. Turns out they not only harass... Payless Shoesource - Does not ship as promised/ horrible customer service Just spent TWO hours on hold trying to get a refund for an online order. After being directed to a "manager," I was told the package had been shipped... Tigerdirect is scofflaw company Tigerdirect sold me a defective computer and refused to refund my money. After extensive discussions with tech support with lengthy waits on hold for... Balise Auto - Scam from Balise What is this scam that Balise Auto send everyone in the mail with a fake key?
To see if you can start one of their cars.
What are they trying to do scam people for buying one of their junks?...
Wesley Berry Flowers My reply to their customer service department after I had been fighting back and forth for a month to get reimbursed and was only partially reimbursed... Bank of america charges late fees on days that arent late! then uses the next payment " pay last months late fee". so that addas on another late fee. so weve paid...