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ActBlue - Scam artists! 1.0 I got an email from the "democratic party" and it asked for my support. I contributed $25 and then was shocked to see that it was a "recurring... ActBlue - Making charges on my card without permission 2.0 I complete numerous petitions everyday, and unbeknownst to me some of these petitions send a message to ActBlue to I am contributing when any reality... ActBlue - Reccuring charges Since December I have been getting recurring charges on my personal American Express card not authorized to be recurring. They were authorized to be... Stay Away from ActBlue 1.0 I made a donation. So far they have not charged me more than once. However, I want my record deleted from their database. I have emailed twice with... ActBlue hacked my PyPal account Out of nowhere I suddenly get a thank you email for my continued support of the democratic party. It was Act Blue and they wanted to thank me for the... ActBlue - Sneaky practices Like many others they converted a onetime donation to a monthly contribution. It's not the money so much as the sheer gall. And they deliberately... ActBlue - Recurring charges, checked box, beware! 1.7 I have called Act Blue and while I like the cause, and the fund raising, I have objected to their practice of pre-checking the recurring charges box.... ActBlue - Stealing from bank accounts with unauthorized contribution deductions. During the presidential campaign I signed a pledge of support to Hillary and Bernie and others, but I never authorized any monthly deduction from my...