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Esecuritel - Poor customer service I cancelled the insurance when the original phone I purchased from Target was defective.
They still take money from my account! left me on hold for over 45 minutes when I called to complain.
Outback Steakhouse - Where's the Beef? 2.5 Craving a nice juicy filet one Saturday evening; where else do you go but to a steakhouse, right? We chose The Outback Steakhouse, Westborough, MA. Ba... Lasership - Horrible service Horrible service.
On hold for moan 25 minutes, before inquiring as to why the package was not delivered.
I was told that the delivery man couldn't g...
Amazon - Affinity Beauty Brands Alosun Aftertan Orignal Lotion Review from Northborough, Massachusetts 3.8 I bought alo after tan from amazons partner cosmetic Beaty place. ProductWas poorly packed and leaked during shipping about 1/3 was lost. RequestedPro... Northstyle "processing" charging me 3x's for 1 item 2.6 I started ordering from Northstyle since 6/2016, I have been happy with most of their products and how they fit. I have been waiting for a denim... Hair Club - Bait and Switch 1.0 I went in for Xtrands and I specifically stated I was ABSOLUTELY not interested in a toupee since I was not a candidate for xtrands they suggested I... Offerup Seller Account Review from Northborough, Massachusetts 1.0 I can't sell some collectible knives, because it may be used as a weapon. So could a car, screwdriver, hammer, bottle, just about anything else for... The Mailbox - Fell for the sales gimmick myself I was taken surprised and bought subscriptions to "donate" to the YMCA in Boston.

Then I was told that night about the company and that I got taken....