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I recently sent in for repair a Smith Turbo Goggle that I had purchased quite some time ago. I'm guessing that, at the time of my purchase, I opted to overpay for Smith, as I expected a quality product and a "Lifetime Warranty." Unfortunately, I was wrong on both accounts. The problem was that the foam had deteriorated along the top and bottom sides. Please note that the foam that deteriorated is NOT the foam that contacts one's... Read more

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After 14 days, you cant return any product to STAPLES directly, you need to contact the manufacturer. I bought an HP Printer from Staples 2 months ago, and its not working. HP agreed and decided to send me a new printer. However, only if I give them my credit card to ensure I send back the defective one within 14 days. I find this terrible customer service, so I thought I could simply return the defective printer to my local STAPLES... Read more

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On 11/9/12, I purchased a vehicle from this dealership. On 11/12/12, the owner (Jim Walker) and one of his employees came to my home to try and steal the vehicle, however, he ripped the red temp. tag off the vehicle. On 11/9/12, I put $2,900 in cash towards this vehicle. Mr. Walker wrote out a "Bill of Sale" agreement that eight more agreed payments would be paid. He went against his word. He threatened my husband with physical harm and police... Read more

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I could not wait to fire this company. The mentor assigned to my child was a disaster, with no real experience. The clinician was totally inexperienced, and in over -her-head. I felt like they were regurgitating their course texts, which was really annoying and not helpful. The worst was their patronizing attitude, making us feel like poor parents, despite our child's illness. Communication was poor, and the mentor didn't have a clue... Read more

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The worst customer service experience. Candy and Bridget, the managers, attitude is inexcusable. I have a 3 year old swing set that is rusted and unsafe. While it is covered by warranty, they are charging over $300 to ship and labor. Why as the customer of a hazardous object for my children have to pay even 1 cent to have it fixed. Do not buy from this company. I am looking to start a customer fraud complaint and will be reporting them to the... Read more

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I have been a member of ME in Massachusetts. I've always had banked massages that I could never seem to use. I finally decided to *** the bullet, lose the banked ones and cancel my membership. I sent them a certified, return receipt requested letter in August notifying them that I would cancel my membership effective 10/1/16. I had also asked if they would convert some of my banked massages and donate them to a local battered women's shelter in... Read more

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Ordered something from Australia. Followed tracking like a hound. Was at home all day package was to be delivered. Checked tracking status. Said package had been delivered and I had signed for it. No truck was here, no doorbell rang, no package was delivered and I did not sign anything. No one else was here. Driver came to house, looked me in eye and said he had been here and that someone else (not me) had signed for the package! For... Read more

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I have used groupon for several years and never had a problem until Nov 2015. Purchased a mystery diamond necklace. Tracking no says it was a UPS in Watertown Ma. Two miles from my home. Have contacted customer several multiple times. Still waiting for either a refund or the purchase. Hardest and slowest customer service to deal. It is a mystery to me why they are so difficult to hard to get a hold of! It is also a mystery what happened to... Read more

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The car is good. But I'll get in an accident because of the touch screen and poorly designed entertainment panel. 1) The gas mileage reader tells you how many miles you have remaining before empty. But it stops reading at 70 mi. So I'm on the highway and it stops at 70 and I don't know that it's stopped measuring for a while, when I notice it's no longer resetting. This system should, at 70, start blinking red or some voice to tell us this... Read more

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Just got my card a few weeks ago. I recently loaded it with $60 just for gas and such. Just yesterday, my card and Netspend account were disabled. No reason why. I immediately called customer support. CS told me that I needed to email scanned documents of my legal ID (which I already did) and then it would be all set. I am now without access to a card. Never again will I use Netspend. Absolutely furious. Read more

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