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Shaws - Kathy in Newburyport Store- NOT PISSED 4.7 I just wanted to let you know how helpful the manager Kathy was during my last visit. I teach third grade in Newburyport, Massachusetts and asked... Mapquest - The Worst Ugrade/Update Ever 1.0 As I said when this new format arrived - the new program had to be written by a close relative of the principal owner of MapQUEST. I used the Classic... Market Basket Rotten Produce & Fruit - and attitudes 1.0 I have been a loyal Demoulas (when it was called Demoulas') for over 40 years. I have been shopping at the Rowley and Newburyport Stores for the past... BellaLabsThis is a scam!!! When does a trail size ending up costing one 170 dollars!This is a scam!!! When does a trail size ending up costing one 170 dollars!This is a scam!!! When does a trail size 1.0 Scam! Dirty tricks. How can we start a civil suit?
Contacted attorney general and filed a complaint to get rid of this trash. At Christmas time, stealing people's hard earned money! Terrible.
Chrysler - Armory Dealership in NY threatened me if i called corprate 1.0 The dealership my college student daughter had her car towed threatened to hold her car, charge me the diagnostic fee, and call the police if I... Florence Scovel - Bracelet Review from Newburyport, Massachusetts 1.0 I ordered a new England patriots bracelet back on November 5 for $10 plus $3.95 shipping from this company. 10 days have gone by and the only... Checks Unlimited - SLOWEST DELIVERY ON THE 'NET 2.5 Ordered checks on 8/18/2015 and according to website were shipped 09/01/2015. Here it is September 23 and still no checks! It's been 5 weeks! The... Rite Aid - Liar pharmasists who brake the law, and cover for each other! 1.0 my son is disabled, he is on MASSHEALTH, only "certain" Dr's will take this insurance. The worst of the worst!
The "dr" wrote a perscription for a mi...