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Sensodyne - Complete Protection Toothpaste Review from Hyde Park, Massachusetts As an adult I developed sensitive teeth and erosion of my enamel due to antibiotic use. I had been using Pronamel for about a year with no issues. Wel... BEN E LECT - Benelect worst TPA Worst TPA/HRA company to deal with, horrible service, member processing time to long, you process online and it takes them 15 to 20 days to update... Elan Financial Services - Won't let me redeem rewards I've been using Elan for 2 years as our primary business card. They keep giving me the runaround on redeeming points. It's a process that should be... Bee Window is GREAT!!!!!!!!! I TALKED TO A GUY IN THE CALL CENTER, HIS NAME WAS BEN SOMETHING AND HE WAS JUST GREAT! YOU SHOULD CALL HIM FOR A FREE ESTIMATE! GEORGE AND PAM ARE... Avoid Dish Network, Don't Get Sucked In! I had Dish for several years. Paid on time and never had a complaint. During bad weather, it was always out and had to call for service credit. I... Safelite Autoglass - Road Bully Well we are all going to need lots and lots of auto glass if the driver I witnessed this morning is representative. 25mph speed zone, back road of... Homestarsearch - They hide the REAL cost in the terms and conditions The home page & set up log-in ($1.95) doesn't mention $58.94 a month if not cancelled in 10 days, it's hidden in terms & conditions. They agreed to... Peak Life - Cancel order, money back I got a free trial, and received a order today costing 34.98 How exactly is this a free trial? I want a refund on my bank and cancel what ever this is...