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Jcpenney Optical - Pissed off with service 1.7 The doctor gave me the wrong prescription. .just for reading glasses..when I wear bifocials. .I lady could not even read the numbers. She said the... Resolved Lifetouch Photography - 9 months and counting 1.0 My daughter`s school, McCarthy Towne, was scheduled to have their school pictures back in September 2016. It`s already May 2017 and the class picture... Ulta - Super Rude Salon Female 4.0 I went shopping today at Ulta in Holyoke Massachusetts. I shop here frequently and order on line from Ulta as well. I love Ulta! Until today that is.... Macys Hiring Imbeciles 2.0 I know for a fact that Macys in the Holyoke Mall has taken a turn for the worse. Hiring loud ghetto individuals is not a way to attract customers.... Walgreens - Rude costumer behind me 2.1 I spend thousands of dollars at my local Walgreens, tonight I went to get a broom to get the snow off my car and asked for a pack of cigarettes. The... Planet Fitness - Membership Review from Holyoke, Massachusetts 1.3 Canceled my membership and noticed planet fitness continued taking money out of my account for a year. When I asked them why they stated they lost... Target - Ignorant rude managers 3.2 I ordered two Amazon fire tablets online and had shipped to store for pick up, one came in on Dec. 2 and the other was supposed to come in today but... Michael Kors - Boots Review from Holyoke, Massachusetts 2.2 I purchase some boots from Michael Kor and the zipper is coming apart I haven't wore no more then 4 times I went to the Michael Kors store to get...