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Despite having an 'unsubscribe' email option, my request has still not been honored over a month later. I continue to receive at least one to two email blasts a day. Their subscriptions page indicates that getting of their mail list can take up to 10 business days, but... Read more

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Don't use this company, paid $75 got 9 roses delivered no other flowers or fillers, complained, got another one a little better but not worth $75 and not what I asked for. I'm out of state so feel pretty helpless, don't use horrible! I also spent probably over an hour... Read more

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I would be careful hiring this company. The owners have an auction and many times buy items prior to the sale or prices items too high so they end up in their auction. Clearly a conflict of interest. Also they arrange it for their friends to get the best stuff before... Read more

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They ran a sale for my father and there were some very expensive items in the house.They claimed to have sold them for short money not anything what they were worth. They ripped me off what a bunch of jerks, don't use them. I should call the police on these guys and... Read more

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I picked up my pizza at Papa Gino's in Medway, MA and when I got it home I found out that the bottom of the pizza was burnt black on three quarters of the pizza. I was really angry but the place was 2 towns away and not worth my time to bring it back so I only ate... Read more

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I have been coloring my own hair for years. My cousin recommended I use Loreal. I tried medium ash brown. Worked fine but I did have a tingle in my scalp for about 2 weeks and got a rash on the back of my arms. I wasn't exactly sure if the rash on my arms was... Read more

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Expect car salesmen to stretch the truth, awful experience... spent over 10 hrs in 2 dsys to purchase/ finance a ford focus.after sale was complete was told i had to bring the car back after 100miles so they can change the battery. May back out of the sale...

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My pillow also fell apart in washer and it was only third wash and less than 1 year old .When I called customer warranty they actually told me I had to pack up the millions of foam that ruined my washer and send it back with the casing because they didn't believe... Read more

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My pillow says washable but when I went to wash it for the second time I opened my washer to find it filled to the top with memory foam in a gazzillion pieces! Now a 75 dollar pillow is costing me 900 because it clogged my washer even thou I thought I cleaned it out... Read more

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Bought a Bob O pedic. After 6 months, It ripped in 6 places, all on the seams so crappy workmanship. Called in to Bob's for the warranty and they sent out a technician. They voided the warranty since it was ripped. Makes no sense, right?!?!? Total crappy... Read more

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