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EF Tours - Incompetent Japan tour guide fired no compensation for 13,000 spent 2.5 In April 2016, I began contacting EF Tours regarding the numerous problems my family encountered on our Japan tour that cost us over $13,000.Their... Overseas Adventure Travel - OAT is currently understaffed 3.4 For over a week, I was unable to get through to OAT either by phone or by email to arrange flights for my upcoming trip. Hold times by phone were... Cultural Care Au Pair - What a racket, CC only cares about 1 thing, making sure they can make money off of the au pairs 1.1 My au pair arrived and it was like she never seen a boy before, so stand offish and cold and it had me scratching my head thinking did she know what... Everquote - It's a scam They call you and ask the same questions I just spent 5 minutes online filling out then they connect you with an agent and they start asking the... Everquote - Don't waste your time, you will have to repeatedly re enter your information over and over. 1.0 This is not as advertised. You do not enter your information once. You enter over and over again. And if you get a quote, look at it then want to... GoToBus - Can not get live person used my stolen info to sell ticket online 1.0 my one vanilla card info was stolen and a ticket was purchased from this company. I have called 5 times and there is no way to get a customer service... Overseas Adventure Travel - On Hold 45 minutes 2.2 Ben Clay has been holding for 45 to talk to the airline desk at OAT about his booking and no idea when anyone may answer. Customer service is... Cultural Care Au Pair - Lack of concern for the family 1.7 I have been a cultural care host mom for 3 years now. My first 2 au pairs were good, and as long as there is no issue and no need for the agency to...