Our flight was for June 12, 6:17 pm. After a few delays, they finally cancelled our flight! After waiting in line for over 2hours, we were sent to baggage area to get a cot. It was freezing, had no blankets, no water and no security.Makes me sick to think about it.... Read more

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On June 12 we had a 6:17 pm flight. After a few delays, our flight was cancelled. That was 10 pm. We had to purchase our seats, paid $20.thats $40. for the 2 of us. We would have had to pay $125. each to change our dates. We were terribly mistreated. Waited in line for... Read more

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My father-in-law wrote his first book 86 years old he has not seen a dime and they took money from in the beginning so sad. Read more

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