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Most awful version of AOL yet 1.0 Seriously? I feel like I have gone through some kind of time warp and am now back in the 90's using dial-up. How is AOL Gold an improvement? Or an... TomTom - Tomn Tom cost me my job 1.0 My GPS went tits up on me while making a pickup of an organ donor. Screen locked up and it stopped working while I was in a city I had never been... Telestial - Worthless 1.0 Purchased a phone and data package for travel to Italy. Service was too slow to use phone for GPS. Worthless purchase for $150. Would never use this... Planet Fitness - Hidden Fees - BEWARE! 1.7 Hidden fees - watch out! When I cancelled my membership, I was told I would incur no more fees. However, I was charged a $39 annual fee (deducted... WAYFAIR DECEPTIVE SALES TACTICS 2.8 I have been a previous customer many times and have given the company high reviews; however this time was an extreme deceptive sales issue. In short,... Breakstones - Do you actually eat your cottage doubles? 4.8 The new packaging of cottage doubles is absolutely horrible. What type of spoon gets into this tiny fruit section? This was a very bad choice. Please... Aon - Travel protection? no it is a scam 1.0 They take your money, but I can promise you that they will never ever cover anything. We need to file a class action lawsuit against them. Small... Supercuts - Looks like a military hair cut 74 yr. man with white beard WANTED light cut , little thinning, hair left over the ears this was agreed to she started with shears asking me showing...