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USA CASH ADVANCE SCAM: Foreign accented man called to confirm a loan but needed me to obtain a new government law requiring a verification voucher! When I had money and was at CVS, 11/7, Walmart or other locations.....I was to call him and then he would tell me the... Read more

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I am not happy!!! I received my Samsung 451R phone from Straight Talk and I am still trying to active it. Their customer service people and technical support tried to help me on the phone for hours and still my phone is not working! My Verizon phone has been... Read more

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Find a Grave has bullies in both the forums and with contributors. One might think this is a nice place, but watch out, contributors, forum members and admins will chew you up and spit you out! I have never seen a place with so many angry, hateful members. Also, just... Read more

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Being a first time home buyer, I was really excited. Loved the location and look for the Pulte Homes. Of course, up until you sign the dotted line, the people are helpful and the service is great. After that it all goes down hill. Their service representatives are... Read more

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They tell you it is free to sign up. Then when you sign up they want to offer you a speciel offer of 0.98 for three monthes and then you have to cancel. There are no millionaires on this site. just a bunch of scammers and smucks like me who all want the same thing. ... Read more

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I had the most awful experience with Modlily
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DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM Modlily. They listed a sweatshirt on their website for $90 original price as being on sale for $15. I thought it looked really warm in pictures with really thick fur on the hood and the impression that the jacket has some sort of... Read more

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I was reviewing my charge history for the past year as I was doing my taxes. I found that I had been charged twice a month for Netflix. I went online to chat and have it refunded. I spent 40 minutes and finally spoke with a supposed manager. I was told I needed to... Read more

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Scam. It is a total waste of money. They say there are going to help you grow new hair a again and if in three months you don't like the results there are going to give you your money back. Of corse it doesn't say that on the contract and it doesn't work at all. It the... Read more

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I have Macys account from more than 2 years now.All of sudden stopped getting coupons in mail. Last coupons i got was in October. My neighbors and friends are getting regularly. In spite of huge shopping in Macys. I am not getting coupon is disappointing. I asked in... Read more

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I have read a lot on people complaining about NACA, many of the same people pursue it (myself being one of them) - why? because final result is sweet (or going to be sweet, in my case) - i mean, i will be closing with 0.0625% interest rate, no closing costs, no PMI and... Read more

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