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Modlily - They took my money and I have no clothes!
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I ordered 5 dresses on 2/16/16 and spent $120. They took my money, and I have NO CLOTHES! There is no live chat, and if they get back to you, it is a generic response. When I said cancel, then the response was it was their Lunar New Year so no one did a thing. One of... Read more

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Pet Airways - Review about Yorkshire Terrier from Arlington, Massachusetts
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I was contacted back from a post on oodle marketplace that I had inquired on by a lady named Natalie Wilson who had 2 teacup Yorkey Terriers named Kiki and Tina I was doing customer reviews of pet airways and I found a post from about four years ago from a girl that... Read more

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AmeriGas came out to see about adding an extra tank. What they end up doing is disconnecting the tank we had because they said it was too close to the house. that left us with no heat in ourhome in Maine in November. they would said they would expedite getting our tank... Read more

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When I phoned the customer service number I got a recording: "The number you have reached is unable to be reached from your service area. I live a mile from Boston, MA (big city)." I had to go online to find another number to use. Longest wait time on phone of any... Read more

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My husband and I purchased Linen bed sheets from Pottery barn and a year later they were thread bare! For the price, we felt like they should have held up better than they did. Washed on gentle wash and dried on low. Never had bed sheets that wore out this quickly!... Read more

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I have been a professional with Service Magic for six years in the HVAC trade. It is time to reconsider their services as the company they were six years ago - no longer exists. The good leads are now few and far between and the excellent leads even more scarce. As... Read more

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Kat King of 105 Medford St., Arlington, MA 02474 who owns Affirmedia in Greater Boston MA sold me an advertising package in 2013 which entailed various tasks that Kat would do for my business. She told me she was a Certified Social Media Expert with decades of... Read more

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I was disappointed that I did not lose more than one pound of the program. I followed it as they said and still did not lose anymore. So I called to cancel my second order and the guy said I have to pay $71 to cancel it. That is awful. I will tell my friends not to... Read more

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Shipped on July 31 and now (August 26) still not here....where is it coming from, Korea???? Cannot believe the time so it must be lost and yet no tracking number from nCrowd, no replies to me, and no contact? What is going on??? Now you want 100 words? Ok...Maryann... Read more

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Your commercial for the new oriental menu on television is nauseating. ...

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