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Modlily - They took my money and I have no clothes!
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I ordered 5 dresses on 2/16/16 and spent $120. They took my money, and I have NO CLOTHES! There is no live chat, and if they get back to you, it is a generic response. When I said cancel, then the response was it was their Lunar New Year so no one did a thing. One of... Read more

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Pet Airways - Review about Yorkshire Terrier from Arlington, Massachusetts
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I was contacted back from a post on oodle marketplace that I had inquired on by a lady named Natalie Wilson who had 2 teacup Yorkey Terriers named Kiki and Tina I was doing customer reviews of pet airways and I found a post from about four years ago from a girl that... Read more

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I have taken 9 trips with Gate1 Travel, & I have enjoyed them all very much. All but two of these trips I have taken alone, and paid the single supplement charges with no complaint. However, when I booked my two upcoming trips for the fall & found the supplement cost... Read more

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I had a man I wasn't interested in send me six abusive emails in a row, very frightening. I reported the emails, and they said, "Oh, block him." But I couldn't, he had blocked me. Then at some crazy hour in the middle of the night, he'd unblock me, send another, and... Read more

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I bought a car from these guys last week and love my ride, it had a few minor issues but those were fixed when pointed out. The car is in great condition for a used car and the price is great. I did a lot of car shopping and ended up here for the best price and the... Read more

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I purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator A week and a half age from this location. It was delivered on 9-11-16. One in a half hour later than the time It was expected between 2-4:00. The new refrigerator has a dent in the front of the door which myself, and the delivery... Read more

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On April 8th, 2016, I received an email "offer" from Dell to receive a substantial discount on their XPS8900 computer line. I accepted the offer and carefully selected the individual components that I needed an ordered a computer. I received a different computer,... Read more

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Merchant Lynx pushed us hard to use EMV chip reader. EMV chip reader costs $149 to buy online. But Merchant Lynx leases it to us and charge $32 per month for three years. They say the charge is for protection. They also told us that it protects us from banks'... Read more

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This is the worst place ever my dad asked for a 2 on the sides and a 4 on the top and she freaking made the sides longer and my haircut is horrible too bye the same person my baby cousin could do better Read more

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bought an auto part, turned out to be a wrong part, seller refused taking any responsibility for it, paypal offered $10 for shipping which costs $25. Seller is known for refusing to provide refunds for returned goods, paypal failed to provide guaranty for that as well.... Read more

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