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Modlily - They took my money and I have no clothes!
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I ordered 5 dresses on 2/16/16 and spent $120. They took my money, and I have NO CLOTHES! There is no live chat, and if they get back to you, it is a generic response. When I said cancel, then the response was it was their Lunar New Year so no one did a thing. One of my items isn't in stock, yet they want a restocking fee for product not pulled off the shelves! Today is March 5th, and still NOTHING! Oh, let me add I paid for expedited shipping.... Read more

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Pet Airways - Review about Yorkshire Terrier from Arlington, Massachusetts
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I was contacted back from a post on oodle marketplace that I had inquired on by a lady named Natalie Wilson who had 2 teacup Yorkey Terriers named Kiki and Tina I was doing customer reviews of pet airways and I found a post from about four years ago from a girl that said that she ordered the 2 teacup puppies named Kiki and Tina from Seattle Washington and the puppyswhere the same weight from the post that person had posted the same exact story... Read more

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I have taken 9 trips with Gate1 Travel, & I have enjoyed them all very much. All but two of these trips I have taken alone, and paid the single supplement charges with no complaint. However, when I booked my two upcoming trips for the fall & found the supplement cost is now about $1,000, I instantly became unhappy. That is simply an untenable amount, with no justification whatsoever. My trip to Equador in September is one of those trips...a... Read more

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Do not buy Jeetops for Jeep Wrangler they leak like crazy and Chris the owner will ignore your calls and emails when you have a complaint. When Chris would not answer my calls.I had pretend I was a customer looking to buy new Jeetops. When he called me back I told him they where leaking he told me to fix them with silicone and he would get back to me. He has never returned my calls. He did return my emails but it was just to give me the run... Read more

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AmeriGas came out to see about adding an extra tank. What they end up doing is disconnecting the tank we had because they said it was too close to the house. that left us with no heat in ourhome in Maine in November. they would said they would expedite getting our tank moved and our service back on. They never showed up so we called another company and by the end of the day we had a new propane tank and a new company. I had called in November to... Read more

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ACN and its website page on "Total Costs" failed to include all of the costs associated with their video phone service. On December 26, 2011, I purchased two video phones and video phone service from ACN, based on the claim that it would cost $29.99 per month plus 1.99 for an additional line. The only other cost listed on its "Total Costs" page is a $2.99 regulatory fee, which was consistent with the taxes, surcharges, and fees that I was... Read more

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When I phoned the customer service number I got a recording: "The number you have reached is unable to be reached from your service area. I live a mile from Boston, MA (big city)." I had to go online to find another number to use. Longest wait time on phone of any company. They do not respond to their emails. Phone sales people have script to follow to sell you other products and waste your time further, while not being able to answer... Read more

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I had a man I wasn't interested in send me six abusive emails in a row, very frightening. I reported the emails, and they said, "Oh, block him." But I couldn't, he had blocked me. Then at some crazy hour in the middle of the night, he'd unblock me, send another, and block me again. I sent them a copy of their own policy that abusive profiles would be removed; they replied, "Block him." Finally, after over a dozen vicious emails, I caught his... Read more

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My husband and I purchased Linen bed sheets from Pottery barn and a year later they were thread bare! For the price, we felt like they should have held up better than they did. Washed on gentle wash and dried on low. Never had bed sheets that wore out this quickly! Filed a claim and had to call customer service 6 times as my call was never returned. Finally was told that after 6 months there was nothing they could do. Offered 10% off a new... Read more

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I have been a professional with Service Magic for six years in the HVAC trade. It is time to reconsider their services as the company they were six years ago - no longer exists. The good leads are now few and far between and the excellent leads even more scarce. As a company with a good reputation, up until now, we have always found the leads to warrant the hassle of a what used to be a few bad leads, but no longer. Now they send everything... Read more

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