USA CASH ADVANCE SCAM: Foreign accented man called to confirm a loan but needed me to obtain a new government law requiring a verification voucher! When I had money and was at CVS, 11/7, Walmart or other locations.....I was to call him and then he would tell me the... Read more

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I had rec'd a lending club solicitation. I filed an application and was pleased at the ostensible positive response. Requiring "just 3 more steps including verification of income which I promptly sent in. Shortly after I noticed that my "loan status" was removed. When... Read more

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I was searching online on oogle for an english bulldog puppy. I came across a profile that had a picture of a white english bulldog puppy for sale supposingly located in Lynn, MA. Contacted the person through an email address listed as . This is... Read more

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I am not happy!!! I received my Samsung 451R phone from Straight Talk and I am still trying to active it. Their customer service people and technical support tried to help me on the phone for hours and still my phone is not working! My Verizon phone has been... Read more

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Hope these various reviews of the Lending Club are helpful to some people. You get more info here than Lending Club gives out voluntarily. You need to be very careful with where you choose to take a loan, sometimes it ends up being much worse than a traditional bank. ... Read more

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I wish whidrawl becuase of her teacher standards of teaching I think that she unfair as well as being degraded i and other student in telling them that they are at a 6th grade level and when we tell her we don't understand she say's that we are not... Read more

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I was a coach in this organization and quickly found out that this coaching or MLM scheme is there for a reason. "Coaches" as they call themselves are NOT trained in fitness AT ALL by the company. They are there to make OUTLANDISH claims on behalf of the company and to... Read more

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Hi, I have been buying on AliExpress from US for more than a year with no issues using my Master card, lately i started using their app to purchase for the past couple of months with no issues, they introduced this AliPay and the Frustrating problem started - At first... Read more

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Being a first time home buyer, I was really excited. Loved the location and look for the Pulte Homes. Of course, up until you sign the dotted line, the people are helpful and the service is great. After that it all goes down hill. Their service representatives are... Read more

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I joined under the one of the biggest $$$ and high profile people in the company, was told Market America was going to be the next fortune 500 club (and this was several years ago! this has NEVER happened and Market America has never TAKEN OFF or TAKEN OVER the world... Read more

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