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The ad was for buy one get one free. So, I ordered one for the promo price of $49.95. I received one pillow. When I called the *** poor customer service, I was informed that I ordered one pillow and received 50% off. They would be happy to charge me for another pillow... Read more

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Based on the advertising claim that I would never need to clean or worry about gutters again, I had Gutter Helmet installed on my house several years ago. From the start, there was trouble. First, the "covered" gutters filled up right away and needed cleaning out... Read more

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NACA is the BEST mortgage product in the industry by FAR!
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I reviewed on here last year after I closed(March 2015)... but I feel this organization is easily worth writing another review for. First I will start with the numbers of my loan, because... you know... everybody likes numbers. I am a NACA ADDICT! This organization has... Read more

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I watched their commercials a couple of years ago and decided to call for a price. I was told $65.00. I said $65.00 for a pillow? I hung up. Later they advertised their pillow for buy one get one free. I called again and asked how much for the pillow. They said... Read more

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The first representative (#1) from Power HRG knocked on my door at about 6pm on a Monday evening - they were doing the roof of a neighbors house, and asked if I'd like a free estimate. Sure, I'm actually in the market for a new roof, and quotes are precisely what I'm... Read more

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I agree with you 150% , I experience the exact same incident ,however I traveled to Boston in 2006 to attend his 3 day boot camp. I paid $3000 and was told I would be able to revisit his workshops at no cost because I was a life long student. Never the less when Dave... Read more

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Wow! I typed in MY PILLOW and the first thing that came up was complaints. I wrote my whole story and MY PILLOW blocked it. Shot story. Don't by it. Too uncomfortable to use and they won return by money after I eat $25.00 in shipping.I have to write 80+ words for my... Read more

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Wayfair - BED BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I ordered a beautiful upholstered bed from Wayfair and it was great until I kept waking up to bites on my arms. I thought I might have been allergic to mosquitos because I never saw a bug in my bed and I have never dealt with bed bugs before plus the bites were only on... Read more

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I order panera online almost every week day. Yesterday, I ordered a salad, I go to use my credit card today, and the card is declined. I login into my account and Panera had charged my card 4 times for the same order!!! $11.32 four separate times. My credit card... Read more

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You really need to give your stores more help and quit expecting your managers to do it all on a salvation army budget!!!!!!

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