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Had a roof installed August 2015, the roof began to leak less than 8 months later. Roofing contractors came out and patched the roof up. Less than two months later roof leaked again. Called the roofing contractor, he came out to look at the roof and said he would fix... Read more

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This dealer is very unscrupulous. I went there to trade in my vehicle for a newer lower mileage vehicle. Without so much as an appraisal, I was told that it was in my best interest to get a loan for a new car instead of trading mine in. It was suggested that I take on... Read more

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I used to live in a townhouse. They would mark things delivered when they had not delivered. Several times I sat there on the phone while the seller tracked down the package through Lasership. Twice they delivered to a wrong neighborhood. Once they marked it delivered... Read more

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After reading these past reviews I can't believe I fell for this scam...if I ever catch his A$% in the streets it's gonna be a misunderstanding!!!!

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Don't go here they have no idea what they are doing I told them what to do to get me a loan and it do no good that said I don't no what I was talking about but I worked in a Chevy dealer for six years I had a trade I own free and clear looking at a $27000 truck and... Read more

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Customer service has collapsed. Can't get help on phone. Emailed about issue and was promised it was resolved. Just received notice that it never was resolved and it is a month later! I can't reach anyone to fix it via pghone of course. There is no difference... Read more

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My wife and I purchased a Kenmore washer & gas dryer from Sears White Marsh in Maryland. The washer was delivered and setup but, never really installed by a couple of non-English speaking individuals (probably from A&E Services). They hooked it up but never... Read more

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Just flowers really lied thru their teeth to me. I ordered tropical arrangement they couldn't fill the order when I tried to cancel they agreed to get tropicals,when I got to the viewing I could an arrangement with carnations and pompoms and of course they wouldn't...

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Purchased a can of Campbell's Select Chicken and Dumpling Soup from Giant Food in Md. A few days later when I opened it and sat down to eat it, I noticed that there was not just a lack of chicken in it, there was exactly one piece of chicken in the whole can. What the... Read more

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I bought it probably three months ago. I used it every single day with everything i could get with it. This product is a scam. I noticed within one month i had more wrinkles forming and nothing else had changed. Im only 32 and got this to help pervent wrinkles and help... Read more

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