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My husband 66 years had his surgery in early DEC 2013 I should have kept up with this post thing.We are 3 and 1/2 hr from the rockville office (near washington DC). We went down the day before stayed over and he started and 8 am - 4 pm surgery was about 2 1/2 hours the... Read more

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Havertys Furniture - Will Havertys customer have to go to court?
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Service tech agrees with customer that table is damaged and also is Manchester loveseat and lamp. The only reason Havertys accepted returning the lamp is because the victim called Pacific Coast Lighting and sent photos and it was agreed that the lamp never should have... Read more

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Richmond American Homes - Windermere Farms in Carroll County
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I purchased my new home here at Windermere Farms in Carroll County and have nothing but craftsmanship and installations issues since my purchase. My front door I have had so much trouble with because of Door Observation: 1. Door opening padded 4” with OSB 2. No Tyvek... Read more

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About a week and a half ago,i watched the Barberino nissan commercial,advertising $199 down and a job regardless of your credit,well I decided to call and I spoke with a salesman who then asked for all my information stated that I was approved and to come into the car... Read more

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I hired Optima after several phone calls where their representatives eventually convinced me that I was a good candidate for an offer in compromise and after their initial review they would confirm this. I paid them $1000 which I should have just thrown in the... Read more

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Stay away from Tradesy. I purchased a Michael Kors Grayson Monogram M7-22 medium bag. You know when something is too good to be true is raises a red flag. I researched the bad and came back with several websites that it was posted on. One of which is called Michael... Read more

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I got something in the mail I thought what the ***, sounded good. So I borrowed 1,000.00 during Christmas in three months paid OVER 2000.00. each month they took 720.00 out of my account (360 twice a month). When I called to get balance they said I still owed... Read more

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I've recently found that Amazon advertises items as "Prime" and when I place an order, the estimated delivery date indicates they'll arrive in 2-days. About 12 hours later, I'll get an email stating that shipping has been upgraded to free-2-day shipping or that my ship... Read more

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I like to ask how to you file a complaint on Law firm Peroutka & Peroutka PA, 8028 Ritchie Highway , Suite 300, Pasadena , MD 21122 1 800 899 2424, fax # 410 768 4705 I have a legal hold on my checking account , from an old credit card . That has been charged off... Read more

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I got hooked; I agreed to pay $39.95 for a trial shipment. The paperwork I received along with my 'trial kit' states: "Thereafter, unless you call to cancel, you will automatically be sent replenishment shipments approximately every 12 weeks at the same low price of... Read more

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