My husband 66 years had his surgery in early DEC 2013 I should have kept up with this post thing.We are 3 and 1/2 hr from the rockville office (near washington DC). We went down the day before stayed over and he started and 8 am - 4 pm surgery was about 2 1/2 hours the... Read more

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Richmond American Homes - Windermere Farms in Carroll County
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I purchased my new home here at Windermere Farms in Carroll County and have nothing but craftsmanship and installations issues since my purchase. My front door I have had so much trouble with because of Door Observation: 1. Door opening padded 4” with OSB 2. No Tyvek... Read more

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I got hooked; I agreed to pay $39.95 for a trial shipment. The paperwork I received along with my 'trial kit' states: "Thereafter, unless you call to cancel, you will automatically be sent replenishment shipments approximately every 12 weeks at the same low price of... Read more

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I ordered a refrigerator (widely available at the same price) online because they said they could deliver on a specific date when I was going to be home to wait for it. They confirmed the date. A week later, they emailed me to say they were going to deliver the next... Read more

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Keep getting CE-34878-0 error code for absolutely no reason. I have reinstalled the game multiple times (including the 20 gig update...), restarted my save multiple times, re installed my os on my playstation 2 times now, and replaced the copy of the disc. Still won't... Read more

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Havertys Furniture - Will Havertys customer have to go to court?
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Service tech agrees with customer that table is damaged and also is Manchester loveseat and lamp. The only reason Havertys accepted returning the lamp is because the victim called Pacific Coast Lighting and sent photos and it was agreed that the lamp never should have... Read more

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Stay away. That is my advice. These people are difficult to deal with. I can't wait to get my loan paid off and never hear from them again. I have requested a statement a number of times and have been unable to get it. If payment is late, they will try and trick you to... Read more

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People here are right. I bought a small Forest River camper trailer from them. Don't buy from these guys unless you can take high pressure. All interaction on my sale was via e-mail. The sales/service staff were acceptable. I am forgiving them for having my special... Read more

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Meng Kei Chan (Mickey) of Sun Wireless in Rockville,MD is a thief and a fraudulent individual. He stole from innocent people $1400. Be careful of giving your credit card information to this company if you do not want to be scammed! He will use chargebacks and make you... Read more

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I've had my sprint account setup with automatic withdrawal continuously with the same bank for about one year. Just 2 months ago, some transaction failed, and sprint deleted my bank information from their systems database. I found out 2 months later, when I received... Read more

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