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I Ordered Wen because I have very thick hair and I like for it to be shiny and healthy looking. I have always been so proud of my thick mane. I had a bit of frizz, and figured WEN would take care of that. I ordered WEN online and opted out of the auto renewal because I wasn't sure if I would like the product. WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE! THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!!! After three weeks of using WEN my Hair has fallen out in Copious amounts. I have a... Read more

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We are extremely disappoint with Travel Smart Vip. They make promises and take one day of your vacation to explain about their program. We now know that if we ever want to use Travel Smart, besides the initial payment, monthly payment, and annual fee, we would also need to pay for any reservation (per day and per person), at the end we will pay 25% more if we compare to any other agency. This was never informed to us (of course) Now all we want... Read more

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I have been purchasing and wearing Sketchers for years. Prior to this year, I have never had any issues other than normal wear and tear but this year I've spent DOUBLE what I typically spend on my flips. Each year, I order five pairs of flips from this company at approximately $49 a pair plus shipping so you can imagine how upset I am that I had to order a 2nd pair during the same season. I'm sure you all thought that Yoga Foam was the way to go... Read more

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Jones Junction - Jones has had my truck for 34 days for simple repairs and still not finished
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took my tundra in for a few dents and broken window on the passenger side. after two weeks the truck wasn't finished no calls so i finally went in and found out that the tech ran it into the frame rack and cut the side wall of the driver front tire.they assured me that they would take care of this and all 4 tires would match. another week goes by and finally get a call it is ready so i go in to get it and the front tires aren't even the same... Read more

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I purchased The Sharper Image Hover Board on Thanksgiving at my local Kohls Department Store. They are an authorized retailer for The Sharper Image as I have since found out. At no time was I ever informed that I was voiding any warranty with The Sharper Image by purchasing their product from anyone other than their own website. This was a Christmas present for my son. He opened it on Christmas and used it for an hour or so before it died. We... Read more

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I am a resident at Grand Point Apartments. Morgan properties just took over within the last month. I have been totally dissatisfied with the operation and how I'm treated as a resident here at Grand Point. I had an emergency with my garbage disposal system which is an emergency according to Grand Point and mortgage properties. When the on-call staff member called me To ask me what the problem was he said "I will take care of it in the morning.... Read more

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I had Stanley Steemer come out on a Thursday to clean a large area rug, 3 rooms of carpet upstairs, as well as a large double sized rec room and play room downstairs. We were told that the carpets would be dry by the following morning when we woke up. This was definitely not the case the next morning the carpets were still extremely wet to the touch so much so that water pulled around your foot when you stepped down on them. We decided to not... Read more

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Paid 7,000 for a top of the line split king in 2009 this bed keeps a gap between the mats and they move from the bottom half which also cause them to gap was told that there was a tool that kept that from happening called about it but got no answer other than that i love the bed and what it does. they need to come up with a tool that keeps the beds together. i see they have a new bed i thinking on but i will do more research on this time just... Read more

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Horrible company, the people that work there are rude and condescending. I was highly offended, I brought in a doctors note to cancel. My account was never canceled. I called there billing department through paramount and they said nothing was submitted. Now I have called there corporate office and left them several messages with no response. They say they open at 8 in the morning but no one is ever there and it's their corporate office. Now... Read more

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I will never purchase another item from Midnight Velvet unless I'm purchasing it in my dreams. I returned every item because the quality was not as good as it appeared in the catalog. Some were too big or too small as well. I returned these items in a timely manner and I was charged $72.58 for what? Shipping?? This company is a rip-off. Even if you purchase an item and you are satisfied, the next time you wont be so lucky. Its like going to the... Read more

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