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I recently bought a prepared roaster in the bag.And to my shock when I cut open the bird the meat was GREEN!! And it's my understanding that this is a byproduct of the fast growth rate these birds are subject to.And it is also my understanding from a chicken processor that this is a sign of CANCER in the bird. Read more

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I tracked down my "membership" in Shopping Essentials to a purchase I made for a Christmas present through 9.95 appeared as a debit charge on my bank acct. for two months. When questioned, the company insisted I had signed up for a trial membership and their was nothing illegal about it. I assured them they were duping their customers and I would no longer be one. Thanks to one of your website posting by... Read more

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I have been with UBS formerly Paine Weber for 15 years with a IRA. Once my original account manager retired I have heard nothing from the company but each year a annual maintenance fee has been going up. it is now $170 per year. I have been to if I transfer the account in January I will be charged the complete $170 and a transfer fee of $95.00. I have not received any communication, market options, or other information from the company in... Read more

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There are a lot of products going out of store#1039 that are not being paid for. I think a lot of it going out the garden center. There should be a guard at the gate of the garden center at all times and receipts should be checked every time. This is not only costing the company money it is also taking money away from the employees who work hard for their money. I hope you take me serious and try to rectify this problem. I don't like paying... Read more

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I used Lenscrafters in NH when I lived there. I broke my frame and went into the one at the Fox run Mall in Portsmouth. All I wanted was to find a fame that would except my lenses The young man who approached must of been new as he tried to help me when all of a sudden another salesman showed up and asked what he was doing, I over heard him tell the young man that he didn't have time for this and to get my number and he would call me back.... Read more

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I bought Congoleum Duraceramic because of the good review in Consumer Reports. I am completely pissed. After 10 days, I noticed a little tear. Low and behold, I expected the tile to be the same color throughout. But no. I have a whitish tile, and the area exposed is gray. Unbelievable. Why isn't it the same color throughout so that you don't see minor dings?? Called the installer who called Congoleum. My problem from both of... Read more

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I rented a laptop from rent a center in mt. airy nc, i was going to do the 90 days same as cash thing so i paid a weeks rent and then the next day paid $75 more, i hadnt had the computer even a week when i ran into some money issues and knew i wouldnt be able to finish paying within the 90 days. it was only 2 days after i paid the $75 that i called the store and told them that i was going to have to return it (which meant i was entitled to a... Read more

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i was on my way home at the engine just stop cause me to lose my steering going down a hill. Just a couple weeks a go I had just gotten my oil change at the dealership like I always do and they said everything look good. Know there tell me I need to speed 8000 for a new engine that should not of die this early.i have maintain my routine check up like I should and get my oil changes like I should. I have not had anyone suggest any help with the... Read more

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I ordered several necklaces for my granddaughters and when they arrived one of the chains was broken. I sent an email to the company and received no response. Their policy is that I have to pay to ship it back to them. This would cost more than having the chain repaired and based on other reviews I'm not sure I'd ever get the replacement. The question is what is their quality control, if any, and why should the consumer have to pay twice... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 is a total scam. Purchasing from this website has been not only a headache for me but for the thousands that have shopped there. On Nov 7th, I purchased a Roku XS from their website for $59.99 I recieved AN item on Nov 23. The Item I recieved is a Roku XD, an inferior model. I have came across a few other customers online that recieved the inferior product. On top of sending the wrong product their shipping takes a very long... Read more

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