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Hired this company to do repairs after a flood in my basement in February 2017. Initially the service was very professional. The project manager, Julian Iwundu, came in extracted the water in each room that was affected. Placed fans in the room and came back 3 or 4... Read more

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Trugreen - Just say no! Liars and unethical
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They do not return calls! Managers must never work, because every time I ask to speak to one, they are always busy and will return my call. Well after calling endlessly, leaving messages and no manager has the class, courtesy or professionalism to return my call, I... Read more

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My 4 year old daughter attended the kindercare in Lanham for 3 weeks before I took her out. The staff were unorganized and did not know simple questions when I asked about certain things about the center. Which did not sit well with me. Also they went on a trip I knew... Read more

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After carefully describing the nature of the work, providing the make and model number of the unit to be installed, telling M & S that the electricity was in place and simply needed to be fish taped about 3 -4 feet to the range hood, letting M & S know that the unit... Read more

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I ordered a 3 piece white meat and when my son got home, there was a breast, a thigh and a wing. I did not want a thigh (which is dark meat). I called and spoke to the manager Kathy and exp[lain that to her and she said next time I come in to bring my receipt and I... Read more

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About 2 years ago I purchased a used mini van from Eastern Motors in Lanham in 2013. The salesman were professional and courteous. I had a high financing fee but was told that in about 2 years I could trade the vehicle in for refinancing. About 2 mos later, the... Read more

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Store Details 6928 Laurel Bowie RdUnit 15 Bowie Plaza Shopping CBowie, Maryland 20715 Phone: 301-262-2055 Never go to this store. People are not clean and simple hygiene doesn't apply. I was trying to buy 4 sandwiches and one clerk was doing it do me, then the other... Read more

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Why did I even try? eHarmony is a farce. It didn't take long to find that out. I signed up because there was a cheap deal for a three-month membership. After only a month or less, I cancelled my auto-renew, and, according to eHarmony, I signed back up for it on the... Read more

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I had a massage at the Lanham, MD location and it was strange. If you don't *** your panties, there's a reason for that - I don't want you to go below my panty lines and that's exactly what happened. Secondly, you never, never , ever can get the same person twice. ... Read more

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So I hear that Nabisco moved its Chicago plant to Mexico. Now, their "new" Pinwheel cookies taste awful. Coincidence? Who knows. I certainly won't be buying these again until the "classic" recipe comes back. The new recipe tastes like something major (or maybe... Read more

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