Acceptance Now is a scam that charges you double if not tripple for the price of your furniture. My original bill was $1460.00, I missed the 90 day payment term but made consistent payments. I attempted to make payments of $250 monthly but was told I could only make... Read more

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In all my 20yrs in this field ive never seen such client and caregiver neglect from a company like this one. I was written up at least 10 times for *** they had to make up but never once for my work because i did my job and refused to be bullied by a bunch of mean... Read more

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i went to donate and the machine kept turning off and an employee turned off the machine after my red cells returned. admitted she made an error and that the machine wasn't working right. also was told by the employee to come back on my regular day but once i did that... Read more

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I went to Ashley Furniture and got jerked around 4 different occasions for a delivery date. I cancelled my order through my bank and received all funds back. I went Regency explained to the sales man of the issue I had with Ashleys and he promised that the furniture I... Read more

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My daughter is actually going to open call this thursday on her birthday she will be 9.. This will be her first pageant ever. I was hoping for her to build more self esteem and a better ability of public speaking. What should she wear what is considerate "Shabby... Read more

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My 10 year old son bought me "the most expensive and most beautiful Coach bag" (In his proud words). I was so shocked when it started falling apart literally at the seams within months. I took it back to the Coach store where he bought it with his Dad and showed it to... Read more

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Fashionmia - Don't bother buying from this site. Cheap junk, rip off
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My first purchase and my last. I ordered a faux fur coat for $45.00. What I received is a child sized, matted acrylic object, not at all a resemblance of the picture on their site, not the color as pictured; it is a grey body with some kind of matted collar; the... Read more

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Morgan properties changed biller, effective Tuesday 09/13/2016. Try register and could not because it states that I am not found. Tried to to go the rental office, GUESS WHAT! No one there, no matter what time of the day, you get a locked door and sign that states... Read more

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Our PH built home is around 20 years old. Not really pleased with the quality. Have found things during the years that make you shake your head. Found out recently that the range hood exhaust was never ducted to the outside. There is an outside vent, but it was... Read more

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I'm happy with the pictures I paid extra for the year and the name the name looks horrible you can't even see it it overlaps stuff Sad I paid $30 for 6 Lil pictures and it's her first school pictures and they messed them up

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