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I have experienced nothing but issues with my Equinox. GM acts like there is nothing they can do because they can't connect all the issues as one problem. I want a replacement vehicle. I bought my car in 2010 brand has been in the shop several times. I had to... Read more

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Findagrave... Some person keeps contacting me and telling to take my information off the finderagrave site, and says it is all duplicates when it is not (very snotty and angry emails). This person is slanderous and writes rude remarks on my ancestors comments. Very... Read more

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Naca - Review in Loans and Mortgages category from Frederick, Maryland
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0.062% 30 year fixed interest rate. No PMI, no closing costs. Credit score= 598. Less than 30k TOTAL including buydown interest being paid on a 382k loan(405k purchase price) Naca is one of the best things that has ever happened to my growing family. You have to be... Read more

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I havent read all of the reviews; however, I have read enough of them to not go to the presentations this week. It did sounded too good to be true. I entered while I was at a trip to Six Flags. I believe they select you based on the income box that you select because... Read more

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When you rent an instrument, one of the key incentive is that what you pay in rent can be used to purchase an instrument when you are ready. When you go into it initially, they will not tell you the following: When you finally purchase the instrument, the price you are... Read more

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Rented a cello for my daughter and gave the cello to the school to return (procedure as outlined by the school). I got hit with a $54 late fee because the instrument was returned, by the school, a few days late. I asked why I was charged, and they told me that I had to... Read more

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I visited the Sears store today at 5500 Buckeystown Pike around 9:35 a.m. The store sign states the store opens at 9:00am. I returned a Lands End product (bought online) that was too small. I took the opportunity to look around and decided to look at some Land's End... Read more

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Went to return handbag and was automatically told it wasn't from their store. I had to pull up the item to prove I was telling the truth. When I return things it usually takes well up to a half an hour because their system is so poorly run that the persons using the... Read more

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Willowdale Crossing Apartments - Roach Infestation Berger Rental Communities (Willowdale Crossing)
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I moved in this awful apartment May 2016. I had a bug issue since the day I moved in.Orkin was sent out numerous times but never resolved the issue.Then German Roaches appeared.They where everywhere.Even crawling on my clothes.I was killing at least 15 a day which is... Read more

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ordered progressive lenses from current prescription. Glasses create blurry vision across full spectrum. Customer service would not accept that they made the lenses wrong. was told regional manager would call me - he didnt. I then sent a letter to the CEO. She refused... Read more

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