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Order zzp1610080655314241 i did not order these items have unformed paypal and my bank if this was my order it had never been received where did it go this caused my bank account to be overdrawn by the amount paypal charged which was $296.07 overdrawn fees were added... Read more

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Cornell was a very good person to deal with loved talking to him and he always got back in touch with me. But on the other hand if your job was your credit then why was i required to have a co signer . I sent my family there way and they told them there payment b way... Read more

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I was out of country past two years, and obviously my car had multiple problems. I noticed that my handle was pretty stiff to drive around, so I stopped by Sears Auto Center during the labor day weekend to get this problem out of my way before driving to Georgia from... Read more

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This company is a nightmare. I used them to move from SWFL to WV. Pick up and delivery was 5 days. The evening before the delivery I was left a message that they had to reschedule delivery another 3 days due to the trucks getting permits to go through VA. The eveing... Read more

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Loreal Usa - Smurf head
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I finally got my hair cut and decided to dye it. I lightened it with a lo-real hair lightener, which worked fine. My hair was pale. The I waited 24 hours and colored it smoky blue. The color on the box was grayish blue..more gray then blue..the color on my head looks... Read more

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Several days ago, my e-mail program suddenly receiving e-mails. I spent most of the day yesterday trying unsuccessfully to get it fixed. At one point, we had spent a lot of time with one of Verizon's technicians when suddenly the telephone line just shut off. We... Read more

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Just bought my first bag of clancy's BBQ chips at Aldi. Loved the price and figured they couldn't be TOO bad.... turns out, we love them. Personally I would rate them better than Lays. They have good texture, nice crunch, aren't all broken and battered, AND they... Read more

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We just switched to Consumer Cellular from US Cellular on the first of June 2014. After our first month of service I can report that we couldn't be happier with the service. US Cellular was dependable (we were with them for over 4 years) and we had no problems with... Read more

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I want to complain that "Calvert Systems Engineering" has a poisoned Taleo Web Application System on their website that doesn't work properly. As soon as you spend 20 minutes to an hour filliing out all the information. The submit button clears out the application... Read more

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this school does not want their students to graduate i have just been wrongfully expelled from the school for not taking responsibility for my actions meaning that want me to lie and say i cheated when i never did this school is bs they want to take your money and not... Read more

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