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Philip Merrill College Of Journalism - Bad Journalism School that Deceives all Undergraduate Broadcast Journalism Students and Minorities of an Opportunity
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I am writing to you today as I wish to provide a formal complaint about the undergraduate broadcast journalism program at the University of Maryland‘s Philip Merrill College of Journalism. There must be more opportunities for students who aspire to be a television... Read more

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I had some professors and classmates at the University of Maryland's Philip Merrill College of Journalism discouraging me saying "you don't have a broadcast voice. You can't talk. Go be a producer or a production assistant" - Cassandra Clayton. And some saying, "Is... Read more

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Here is another online scam called Manifesto of Uber Economy! Probably Bill Bonner himself keeps writing the bull *** from his French chateau or Ireland disguised under the dead Joel Bowman! And it looks like they all including Mark Nestmann, the overseas investment... Read more

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Worst costumer service ever!!! Waiting on hold for over a hour, called back and on hold for another hour. Finally got ahold of someone and she was rude. I bought the anti aging kit, $250. It made me break out so back and my face was red and raw. Sent it back. They... Read more

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When I don't have time to research a company and still sign an agreement, I get angry with myself later. This is no exception. After a slick but very detailed presentation regarding roof installation and how PHRG's methods and materials were better than most... Read more

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This is a pure scam. I can't imagine how these people take advantage of people on vacation , ruin the memories you have when you find there is no truth in the product they sold to you. I'm working on a petition against this company and their agents at resort the they... Read more

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With all his mountain retreat, island paradise house and I am sure few gold kilos in Swiss land Jim Ricard predicted dollar collapse on October 1 2016. The question arises : Why he needs $49 bucks from readers of Agora Publishing? Where is his decency, humility ,... Read more

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It Works Fat fighter ... Doesn't work .. I suffered terrible painful bloating from taking these pills. Went to my Gastro Dr. and she said the pills a are nothing but fiber pills..she also told my I had an ulcer and to stay away from wheat/whey based products, which... Read more

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Due to many conflicting issues I just chose to cancel my order. The customer service rep was VERY RUDE and this was the response "I received We understand that you are considering contacting your Credit Card Company and opening a dispute on the charges. Before you... Read more

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Hi my name is marcos and we owner crown motorsports llc in sarasota.and i am a costumer i drive to sarasota to clearwater to lkq pick up your oarts and there have i guy work there his name is dan .he is a bad person to work witch costumer.also he charge... Read more

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