Philip Merrill College Of Journalism - Bad Journalism School that Deceives all Undergraduate Broadcast Journalism Students and Minorities of an Opportunity
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I am writing to you today as I wish to provide a formal complaint about the undergraduate broadcast journalism program at the University of Maryland‘s Philip Merrill College of Journalism. There must be more opportunities for students who aspire to be a television... Read more

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Worst costumer service ever!!! Waiting on hold for over a hour, called back and on hold for another hour. Finally got ahold of someone and she was rude. I bought the anti aging kit, $250. It made me break out so back and my face was red and raw. Sent it back. They... Read more

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I was excited about this infomercial and tried the product. It totally did not work for me and actually caused more acne. I called within the 30 days to return. The consultant asked me several questions about my skin (funny they didn't do that when I called to... Read more

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When I don't have time to research a company and still sign an agreement, I get angry with myself later. This is no exception. After a slick but very detailed presentation regarding roof installation and how PHRG's methods and materials were better than most... Read more

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It Works Fat fighter ... Doesn't work .. I suffered terrible painful bloating from taking these pills. Went to my Gastro Dr. and she said the pills a are nothing but fiber pills..she also told my I had an ulcer and to stay away from wheat/whey based products, which... Read more

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I've been working for Viisiting Angels for the past 5 years. Even though every year I get the evaluation, nothing has changed about my hourly pay. They double-charge couples when both husband and wife are signed on but expect caregivers to x are for the couples at the... Read more

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I had some professors and classmates at the University of Maryland's Philip Merrill College of Journalism discouraging me saying "you don't have a broadcast voice. You can't talk. Go be a producer or a production assistant" - Cassandra Clayton. And some saying, "Is... Read more

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A few weeks ago I had 2 men from our local Hibu come into my business. They were selling their website design and marketing package. As a female business owner, I have noticed an increase in the number of salesmen who are coming into my business in the buddy system.... Read more

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Official write off I am writing this to address an issue with the manufacturers’ lack of intervention to repair a product that I purchased from their store. About two years ago I was very happy to buy a Brooks Brothers’ nylon raincoat from your Baltimore Maryland... Read more

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After several months of back and forth with their customer service, I've still not received my payment, and was given the choice of either I can receive a new card (which I never got the first one), or I can request that my payment be reversed (which I am in the... Read more

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