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I am a frustrated customer. I pay a fixed amount every month with the hope that the extra payment will be applied towards the principal. ditech instead kept the additional amount separate called 'un-applied funds account'. In addition, there was an amount in the... Read more

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I think this is a story worth sharing: I'd like to explain how Jared values it's customers . I'll continue to share this story, anywhere I can, to hopefully prevent others from having a similar experience. Unfortunately, Jared has not only provided us with a horrible... Read more

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WARNING: Please reconsider purchasing a VIZIO anything. I have a vizio bluray player model BR133 that I purchased less than 2 years ago. I recently purchased the X-Men Days of future past and found out it would not play due to the bluray needing a firmware update which... Read more

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They posted for a Human Resource Rep. The ad stated that they were looking for a person for their human resource department and that they were a consulting firm (Actually, they are an insurance firm). When I received the first phone call, the HR Director referred to... Read more

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I invested in Income on Demand with Angora Finanial due to being advertised as an investment a middle income American could make $150-200+ on each recommendation (on put calls) Turns out after spending the 1,500 to get in, I cannot even take advantage of the... Read more

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I went to a WWE event that happened last month when i was ask to do a drawing for a "FREE" vacation. Got a call a few weeks later saying i won a trip. Went to their office and spent an hour of their orientation. Then they were given offers tha sounds TOO GOOD TO BE... Read more

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I am too an employee or should I say former employee of Philidor. I am heart broken as to the announcement of the loss of over 600 jobs. So many people will be without income. Many people employee here worked with family members which makes the blow even worse. Prior... Read more

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Morgan Properties - Rental Office Incompetence
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To begin with I pay my rent on Friday, August 5, 2016. Why did I received a sheriff letter along with a court paper saying I didn't pay my rent. I'm a long term resident who had never been treated like this before. I had some discrepancy on how the Gwynnbrook... Read more

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I signed up for this company and it is a total scam. They try to recommend options for you to buy and they send you worthless articles daily. It is a total scam. Don't waste your money. They have a no refund policy, but I am going to turn them in to the credit card... Read more

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After subscribing to "Zenith Trading Circle" of "Money Map Press" I was getting recommendations which turned out into a disaster. Once I decided to cancel my subscription within "money back guaranteed 90 days", they don´t reply to emails (wrote in total 7 emails to... Read more

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