I think this is a story worth sharing: I'd like to explain how Jared values it's customers . I'll continue to share this story, anywhere I can, to hopefully prevent others from having a similar experience. Unfortunately, Jared has not only provided us with a horrible... Read more

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George R. Braswell is UNETHICAL & completely LACKS INTEGRITY! He USES, ABUSES & MANIPULATES people, situations & agreements for his "OWN SICK PERSONAL" gain. If you are SMART you will take your business elsewhere & have NOTHING to do with him like his OWN FAMILY! That... Read more

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So my kids pooled all of their money... vacation money, allowance, etc. Mom and Dad kicked in some money and so did we. BOTH of them did this... to get a Nintendo 3DS for Dylan so that he would have one too. We got it at GameStop and 2 days later Target had it on sale... Read more

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WARNING: Please reconsider purchasing a VIZIO anything. I have a vizio bluray player model BR133 that I purchased less than 2 years ago. I recently purchased the X-Men Days of future past and found out it would not play due to the bluray needing a firmware update which... Read more

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I went to a WWE event that happened last month when i was ask to do a drawing for a "FREE" vacation. Got a call a few weeks later saying i won a trip. Went to their office and spent an hour of their orientation. Then they were given offers tha sounds TOO GOOD TO BE... Read more

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I am extremely confused by some of the complaints on here. I just received this call, and the woman was very honest. I'm pretty sure she said we "won" the offer, but I am smart enough to know that is just a marketing technique. She said that I would get a... Read more

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Aerosoles - A bad quality, and about bad work Customer service
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I bought a ballet in Aerosoles. In the store assistants do they job well. I like they, but sometimes I saw what is inside. OMG! See my pictures, please. The ballet are black inside, made of paper. The leather cracked after short time of use. I wrote to Customer... Read more

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Hair Smelled like corn chips after applying heat, shed horribly, does not straighten well, have only had the hair installed for 3 days and its not holding up well at all. I followed all the proper hair care tips and still the hair is awful. Will not purchase again! The... Read more

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I am so glad I took the time to look up the reviews on this keranique hair product before purchasing it. My hair has been thinning terribly so when I saw the ad on the television for this product, I was really excited to order it, but I figure most of the time if it... Read more

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I recently posted a review on Barbizon while I thought the classes were great and my daughter was learning a great deal and with her bubbly,out going personality I knew she would have a job. What I didn't know was my daughter was given information or I didn't... Read more

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