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Directv - You lost a customer due to WMTW 1.0 Hello i have bean a Directv customer since July of 2015 however you got rid of Channel 8 ABC WMTW however its my favorite local news channel so... Swagtron - Defective Hoverboard Will not Refund or Exchange 1.0 i bought through this company because there website claims there were seen on Ellen, USA Today, Today, Live, Kelly and Michael, Parade, The Insider,... Laptop And Desktop Repair - High quotes online for phones but pay almost nothing. They do NOT honor their quotes. 1.0 I had a 3 month old Iphone 5C 32gb that I wanted to sell in brand new condition. On or around 10/1/14, I found a website cashforiphones. I entered v... Avasflowers review 1.0 because Avaflowers bought out the local florist i had to go through them as i called my local florist who had automatic system that said i had to cal... Fox News - Presidential Debate on 10/19/2016 Normally i watch Fox news because its normally an Unbiased media outlet however on 10/19/2016 during the Presidential Debate Fox News was biased... Nfl - New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills Profane 1.0 The refree gave profane words during the New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills game on CBS he said that it Turned into a pretty good game. But one... Maria Duval - SCAM 1.0 I RECENTLY RECEIVED IN THE U.S.MAIL,DATED "SEPTEMBER.,13,2016, A MAILING FROM "HER" IN CONNECTION W/ "THE DESTINY RESEARCH CTR" SUPPOSEDLY LOCATED IN... Asus Laptop Review from Sanford, Maine 1.0 I purchased an Asus laptop 7 months ago. It stop charging and went dead when the battery drained. I called Asus and the customer service informed me...