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Hi, Its such a bad experience after taking membership of Life cell. I had taken membership in June 2015 and at time *** lot of promises made by sales ppl regarding the direct redeemable coupons. I unfortunately took the membership thinking its such a big brand and will... Read more

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Today morning I contacted support for purchasing total internet security but the behavior and way of talking about customer care were very poor. It seems that they are not interested in company sale or having their egos problem. I contact him only to... Read more

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Hi Friends, I am creating this post just to WARNING you if you are looking or searching anything related to "paper pencil machine" and found this company" Centre for Application of Renewable Energy (CARE)" .. I advice you don't trust this company as it is fraud and... Read more

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Had ordered a floor lamp from the website. The parcel arrived on time, but the piece was a) broken AND b) cud not be fixed as there was an mismatch in the sizes of the rod and the base stand(a v basic requirement which was ignored) Called up the customer support who... Read more

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  • Feb 01, 2015
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I ordered breakfast meal and it was cold when it delivered. I complained bt the delivery boy said it used to be like this only. This is for the second time that it is happening.

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TutorVista scam? TutorVista offers quality online tutoring service for $100/month but they renew the subscription even if you don't use it until you cancel it yourself. This is what happened with me - I reached TutorVista from google search engine. I was looking to... Read more

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One of my friend joined Immunoshop India Pvt ltd , a diagnostic company at Belapur, Navi Mumbai. This a fraud company with a strength of only 20 employees, playing with the careers of employees joining there. I had never seen such a high level of unprofessional-ism... Read more

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hi, I am a tutorvista costumer for long time now and have been using it regularly. I posted few posts on pissedconsumer about it. Yes, initially I did faced some issues of having trouble getting the exact tutor I wanted for my tutoring session but after sometime,... Read more

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I was cheated by Mr. SAURISH GHOSH (with horrifying accent and attitude just to grab dominance over his clients) of Calcutta (this CHEAT says that he works at HSBC, Calcutta in a process hcs which no longer exists) alongwith some Ms. NANDITA BOSE (another cheat) .... Read more

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I paid milecore technologies pvt ltd, Ahmadabad India, base company $250 for BPO software and they did not finished it and also given me software which is full of errors. do not trust this company for website development, software development or iphone application... Read more

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