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Marcos Pizza - Never buying Marcos again 1.4 I ordered delivery last night, I got a call saying the driver was in front of my door. When I got to the door I didn't see anyone the driver was in... Torrid - Bad Management 1.0 I have shopped at the torrid in slidell and each time that i have been in the store i have heard the manager Mary thornton talk to her employees like... Marcos Pizza - Price gouging 2.3 I ordered a bogo pizza from this location today at 11:10am. I asked the sales member about the price i seen on the xompany website for the large... Greedy Sprint 1.0 I have terminal cancer. I have gotten call my financial affairs in order and did it through our court system. I completely forgot about sprint and my... Goauto Insurance - Pissed of victim Their client ran a stop sign and hit me on my motorcycle. Took them a week to send adjuster, who was 3 hours late. Calls and says he's here. I go out... Lowes - No help in window treatment department 2.8 I want to start with the fact I am remodeling a house and have spent a small fortune at Lowes, however, I have found a lack of help in many... Haband - Poor service today I received advertisement to purchase sport shirts for $2.99 each with a seemingly brand name, ok lets do it. Went online only to get ALL THE WAy to... 2014 ford explorer hood corrision i have been to 3 body shops and a dealer for oxidation on rim of my hood, all say its a factory defect, but ford denies the claim saying its normal...