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My claims if you buy one you get one free. That's a bunch of BS !!! You can get the same my pillow at Wal mart for $59.99. You pay twice that much at my so how is that buy one and get one free??? I'm sure the pillows are comfortable, but I... Read more

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I put a piano up for sale and almost immediately got a response. the message said her uncle wanted it and would email me. He asked for my address (I didn't give my home address) to send a check. It caught me off guard since I thought the entire purpose of offerup was... Read more

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I went on Charming Date in the Summer of 2014. After my last wife died 14 years ago, I decided that I didn't want to be alone anymore. I studied the culture of different countries and in 1964 I spent a lovely year with a Thai Lady, so I decided to contact a China... Read more

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My accident was 7 Sept, it is now 13 Oct...I have yet to talk to agent assigned to this claim. I went 17 days without a vehicle because they were dragging their feet. My insurance agency had to step in and get my vehicle taken care of. I now have a new vehicle, but... Read more

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your billing department toke 2 payment out of my account, cousing 5 overdrafts of $32 each. I cancel service. when packing equipment lables did not match. i called the man i was talking to said if stayed he would wipe my bill clean. month later my past due is still... Read more

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What are you doing to get WGAL back on direct tv? Do I need to change service providers? What is the plan to make an agreement? I have had direct tv for several years with little to no problems and now this. Is there gong to be another agreement? I do not under stand... Read more

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Same experience with these people. Offer cheaper cable and Internet service for 24 months. Paid upfront with Amazon gift card. Why is Direct TV allowing these people to use their phone number? I verified this number and even spoke with someone in payment department. Is... Read more

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I rented a car for 5 days through Hotwire to drive from Shreveport to Slidell. I went with Hotwire because I can cancel at any time and felt like I would have a third party protection. I used the car for two days and ended up having to fly home due to severe weather... Read more

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We have had Dish Network for days now. They did not offer us the hopper 3 and tell us that you must have at least 5 TVs to get it, which so far I've discovered from Reading other views that that's a lie. And less than 3 days I have spoke to 12 different people and get... Read more

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I used their third party company c.m.lnsurance company and just got a quote and was told they needed my card information to do the and i would not be charged unless i wanted to do a policy with them and they had set out the paperwork never agreed to any policy are... Read more

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