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Lg Electronics - It is 2017 and my $900 dollar washing is RUSTING! 1.0 I cannot believe that a washer made in the last ten years is forming rust at this rate. I do not use the bleach dispenser, but there are areas of... Ivan Smith Furniture - IVAN SMITH WILL GARNISH WAGES IVAN SMITH SMH ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY ISNT IT. IVAN WILL SUE YOU IF YOU DONT THEM EVEN IF IT IS 16 YEARS AFTER THE FURNITURE PIECE IS PURCHASED THIS... Checkers Drive In - IT WAS MINS AWAY FROM UR CLOSING TIME FIRST OFF UR EMPLOY 1.0 That the systems was down too keep from servicing us and had very BADDD ATTITUDES AMONGST ME AND MY FAMILY ARRIVING AFTER THEM SEEING THAT WASN'T... Directv - Scammers 2.9 Same experience with these people. Offer cheaper cable and Internet service for 24 months. Paid upfront with Amazon gift card. Why is Direct TV... Directv - WGAL Service 2.7 What are you doing to get WGAL back on direct tv? Do I need to change service providers? What is the plan to make an agreement? I have had direct tv... Directv - Early Cancellation I am moving and after about 20 years of Direct TV service I requested that my services be terminated at the end of the billing cycle. This was... Directv - Billing sucks 2.0 your billing department toke 2 payment out of my account, cousing 5 overdrafts of $32 each. I cancel service. when packing equipment lables did not... Avis - Never Again! 2.0 I rented a car for 5 days through Hotwire to drive from Shreveport to Slidell. I went with Hotwire because I can cancel at any time and felt like I...