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This is a terrible scam "company". They push people who joins them to let their relatives to buy Transamerica life insurance products, and leave you alone when you have no relative buying its life insurances. They use the so-call "3-3-30" to let you recruit other... Read more

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Pictures are old, she use to show her face until she was busted for prostitution (admission from her during appointment) She up sells everything. Smelled like a stale cigarette. A bit jittery and talks too much. I should have left when first arrived and a young lady... Read more

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I accidentally charged a customer twice for an order. I called an they would stop the order and they were extremely rude on the phone about it.When I asked to speak to someone that could make a decision i was put on hold for at least 10 minutes. A new representative... Read more

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New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct 433 River Street Suite 303 Troy, New York 12180-2299 (518)402-0863 August 1, 2006 RE: License No. 193236 Dear Dr Finesmith: Enclosed is a copy of your order not to practice medicine effective August 8, 2006. ... Read more

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I place an order with Rodan and Fields every sixty day. Earlier this year, they were out of the Redefine eye cream. This month they are out of Redefine eye cream again, as well as the restorative cream. Interesting, if you want to buy a $300 redefine special, which... Read more

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I agree with this review. I'm a hair stylist. WEN is a great product if used correctly. I wash my hair every 3 days (sometimes more if I am going somewhere important). NEVER have I had a problem with hair falling out in chunks. To enlighten: Everyone loses hair... Read more

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Was very busy when I went in today. I stood in a long line for what seems to be 10 minutes. The new Mexican lady was very slow, like turtle slow. Finally another person took over and sent her away. Took our orders and the line began to finally move. Got my order but... Read more

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Worst customer service ever. The lady that did my nails put me in uncomfortable positions so she could be comfortable, she kept moving my chair instead of moving herself. She missed a lot of steps when doing my pedicure but that was nothing compare to the manicure.... Read more

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Pharmacist repeatedly refuses to fill a prescription for an anticonvulsant medication I have been on for almost ten years because I *might be* pregnant. I am not pregnant. She delays filling it until I run out and call and ask for refills several times in a panic... Read more

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Egregious corporate behavior and sorry customer services To make a long and unresolved case accurate, I recapitulated the facts. I bought a Kyocera Hydro Reach on 10/19/2016, a model I chose in replacement of a lost Samsung. It turned out after getting familiar with... Read more

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