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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen - ONION RINGS>.. or LACK OF I don't know wht you call these things now.. but the ONION RINGS are NOT what they used t be. THESE SUCK. would love ot have the original again...... Ashley Furniture - Sofa Review from New Iberia, Louisiana 1.8 I own two Ashley couches which are very comfortable but after 2-3 years they started peeling and flaking and I had to consistently sweep to pick up... Graceland Portable Buildings - Customer Care Review from New Iberia, Louisiana I purchased a building in 2014 for 2,779 put a 700 down payment which they took taxes from that...which brought my down payment down to... Primerica - Anything Review from New Iberia, Louisiana 1.0 This company is absolute ***.they lie to you and take your money with no explanion or reason at all and when you try to contact them about it they... Playtika - Wheels on sloto spins very slowly and erratic I have windows 10 and internet explorer 11 which came with windows 10. I am wondering what setting is causing the wheels on slotomania to spin... ScoreSense - TRICKED INTO MEMBERSHIP!!! 1.0 I was on a mortgage site filling out a form for information on a Quickenloan. It said it needed our credit score and I had to pay a $1.00 fee to get t... Metropcs Phone Service Review from New Iberia, Louisiana Yes my mother phone bill was due... She is disable and tried to go and pay her bill so it dnt get turned off and our State wad Declared a state of... First Choice Power - Company allowed someone to get service without ID Someone in the Houston area has been using my Social Security number to acquire utility service without furnishing a picture ID. This is the fourth...