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Edible Arrangements - Received a MELTED/SMASHED Strawberry Bouquet (if that's what you want to call it)!!
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Unreal, my wonderful husband spent $92.00 and ordered me a chocolate dipped strawberry bouquet-didn't arrive until 3:30, but we'll excuse that-it was EMBARRASSING to even carry out of my office, the grocery store could have done better! It was squashed, MELTED... Read more

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Only want your money! We had a small budget for 1200 sq ft house with garage - all cash. We had spoken with 3 people at the Houston office who all assured us it "would be tight, but doable". Sam (sales), Michael (manager / owner) and Adam (site). After we made deposit,... Read more

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I tried to give to someone on today, and they kept tacking on an extra "recommended amount" to the amount I wanted to give. I couldn't find any way to opt out of this fee or even change it. I started a chat with someone named Joey, who didn't really... Read more

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I was trying to refinance my house and pay off some credit cards/loans etc. I started talking to David Carter, Metairie office Edenborn ave. in August of 2016. I wanted to close in a month. He said it will be closer to two months. I just went with it. I should have... Read more

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Lava Soap - Lava Liquid Soap DISCONTINUED????  really???
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I buy the Liquid Lava for my husband, who is an avid gardener - and for me, a mixed media artist. We both love it... and I have been able to get it locally in New Orleans forever... now I am resorted to ordering it online from sellers who have a supply at present. I... Read more

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After confirming the workshop yesterday (they called me). I showed up 15 minutes before the workshop was to start and was told by a lady standing outside it was canceled, "the church won't let us in," she said. I won't be trying this again, I believe in first... Read more

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Hello Today on Transcontinental in Metairie service van #33744 was blocking the sidewalk. My friend is in a wheelchair and I had to bring her out onto Transcontinental to get to the corner. The service man was at a corner house and could have parked on the side street.... Read more

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Tim O' Brien is the worst to deal with at Bank of Louisiana. He is very incompetent, continuously ask for money for charges that pops up from years ago and doesn't do home loans often so he doesn't have a clue how the process works. He is very pushy with borrowers and... Read more

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My husband and I have had service with your company for several months. We had a worker named Joe come by explained what our lawn needed, he contacted a man named Mark who worked out a quote for the year (12 months) of $545 if we paid up front, gave him our credit... Read more

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I am having the same problem with Lowes. My kitchen reno was paid for on 9/13/16, it is 1/29/17 and my kitchen in not complete! My cabinets were damaged 3 times, the cabinet installer left a large irregular whole in the cabinet underneath my sink, his excuse was that... Read more

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