I bought a Member's Mark "stainless steel" grill 4.5 years ago. I bought the vinyl protective cover & used it, too. The exterior looks fine. Problem is: the guts have completely rusted out to the point that they are crumbling. I have photos that I wanted to send... Read more

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I payed all that extra money that they charge you for overnight shipping and they never get my package to me on time. This is the second time that they said no one was home and i was sitting right by the door all day. They didn't leave a notice or anything. They... Read more

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Edible Arrangements - Received a MELTED/SMASHED Strawberry Bouquet (if that's what you want to call it)!!
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Unreal, my wonderful husband spent $92.00 and ordered me a chocolate dipped strawberry bouquet-didn't arrive until 3:30, but we'll excuse that-it was EMBARRASSING to even carry out of my office, the grocery store could have done better! It was squashed, MELTED... Read more

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Only want your money! We had a small budget for 1200 sq ft house with garage - all cash. We had spoken with 3 people at the Houston office who all assured us it "would be tight, but doable". Sam (sales), Michael (manager / owner) and Adam (site). After we made deposit,... Read more

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After confirming the workshop yesterday (they called me). I showed up 15 minutes before the workshop was to start and was told by a lady standing outside it was canceled, "the church won't let us in," she said. I won't be trying this again, I believe in first... Read more

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Autobidmaster - Damaged car in transport-late delivery-no refund
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OK,so i bought the car, payed them on time arranged shipping, payed for it but it took them 13 days to deliver car on distance of 90 miles?!?!? the truck driver called the first day the car was picked up telling me he will deliver the car next day and never heard again... Read more

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I tried to give to someone on youcaring.com today, and they kept tacking on an extra "recommended amount" to the amount I wanted to give. I couldn't find any way to opt out of this fee or even change it. I started a chat with someone named Joey, who didn't really... Read more

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Review about Five Star Painting Service from Metairie, Louisiana
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5 Star Painting did a horrible job painting our house. They failed to paint most of the windows and *** the Windows. We had them return with the project manager and never finished the job. Ended up getting half money refunded because they never finished the Windows.... Read more

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What a scam! They used to be Bouari and from what I understand they were kicked out due to unethical behavior and laziness. Now they are buying their products for $50 and selling them to is the public for $469. Also the Difuclos pretend to be health consultants but are... Read more

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Bought a 3k sectional sofa, frame broke within 8 months. I was told they could not repair it, it wasn't under warranty and there was nothing they could do. We call the broken area "the black hole." Not only do you sink into the cushion like it's quicksand buy... Read more

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