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I was in the in south La. I was blessed and did not lose anything, but my payroll company was down for a month and I did not work due to my area and my family. I called and emailed numerous times they said they will be in touch. I did this daily for over 3 weeks... Read more

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My family has had a membership for over a year. Initially loved the experience and convenience. But for these past few months the service has been horrific. The Perdido office has been unmanned and we have been unable to get anyone so that we can go out. The nearby... Read more

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I am employed under another company to do calls for a myriad of various companies. The benefit is I get guaranteed Mileage and pay even if the calls are slow or fail to pay out. However, this means if a call is for 50 dollars and it takes an hour. I only get my normal... Read more

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Dispatchers ALLWAYS call you several times for the same call and despite the fact that you tell them that, (a) it is too far away, (b) the pay rate they are offering is way too low, or (c) you are unable to take at this time, they continue to badger you to take the... Read more

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I warn anyone who is considering Barrister as a route for work. They are a very untrustworthy company to do work for they will find every way possible NOT to pay you what was agreed upon on taking the job. Tech support will insult you if you have any questions and... Read more

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Weddingwire's forums are a breeding ground for cranky, self righteous and rude women. They claim that they are just being blunt and honest but maybe I'm the only one that had a mother to teach me how to properly speak to others. Even behind a computer screen. I just... Read more

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We order on the web with delivery, it never came, they told us to just come to the store and pick it up and when we went to pick it up in the store , they did not have it. We had to find it elsewhere. I asked for a refund and received it, but I am STILL waiting for... Read more

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I contacted Listen Clear originally on Nov 11th 2015 regarding needing a set of hearing aids for my wife who is a cancer survivor and was meet with a nice phone voice on the other end of the phone. He told me what a great product he had and that he was sorry to hear of... Read more

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Troy Bilt 020568 Pressure Washer Review from Hammond, Louisiana
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I bought a troy bilt briggs and stratton pressure washer in 2015 and it wont crank in 2016. It is 2800 psi professional series and the first day i purchased it the bleach pump didnt work. I thought i was doing something wrong but turns out alot of people are having... Read more

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On 10/2/16 I ordered my little boy his favorite costume for Halloween from they immediately charged my card for the cost of costume and flat rate shipping which is 2-3 days.On 10/10/16 they sent an email saying my sons costume was on backorder... Read more

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