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My family has had a membership for over a year. Initially loved the experience and convenience. But for these past few months the service has been horrific. The Perdido office has been unmanned and we have been unable to get anyone so that we can go out. The nearby Orange Beach office is not very helpful and they don't care about the service. We've even made online reservations and no one has shown up. The boats are in disrepair and The... Read more

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Rooms To Go - Horrible Delivery- Damage to Brand New Home
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The delivery team attempted to deliver sofa ( which ended up bring the wrong one) with the legs still on it, by pushing, shoving, maneuvering and more pushing through a doorway to get into a hall which resulted in scratched up hardwoods, big 4 inch dent in Sheetrock, and the door frame being nicked up in at least 8-12 spots. This is a brand new home and now have all these damages. After filing complaint w customer service I have been offered a... Read more

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I contacted Listen Clear originally on Nov 11th 2015 regarding needing a set of hearing aids for my wife who is a cancer survivor and was meet with a nice phone voice on the other end of the phone. He told me what a great product he had and that he was sorry to hear of my poor wife's hearing loss due to radiation treatments. I ordered the hearing aids and was told that they would be shipped right away. On the 19th. of Nov. 2015 I still had not... Read more

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After six months from purchase (Mar 31 2015 warranty date) I noticed a "bulge" just under the black tank area. Dixie RV in Hammond LA claimed I had driven over a bump with a full tank & this would NOT be covered! We have been RVing for nine years and I always dump all tanks when leaving the campground. After some discussion I ended paying $844.71 (I was told this was only 1/3 of the 15+ hour labor cost @ $159.95/hr) as Heartland &... Read more

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Someway, somehow I made the mistake of contacting these thieves and how it happened I don't know, but the got my Discover card and started charging me $29.95 per month. I didn't catch it on my Discover statement until after they had charged me 3 months. I disputed the charges with Discover but Discover ended up siding with them. In the meantime, the thieves slipped another $29.95 charge before Discover put a stop payment on them. End result... Read more

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Dollar General Corporation - Review about Sanitary Conditions from Hammond, Louisiana
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This is the ONLY working bathroom at my local Dollar General in Greenwood, Louisiana. This is completely unacceptable! The manager of this store is useless. She was sitting in her office texting on her phone when I went by to go to the restroom. I visit this store multiple times a week because it is convienent to where I live. The store is always a mess and there is literally ONE employee that actually works out of all of them! The store was... Read more

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I bought this pillow in hopes that this would help my neck. Well, it didn't but for some reason, my *** stays erected while sleeping on it. My *** just now told me that he hates the pillow too. Read more

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On Jan 5th and 8pm I visited this store to pick up 20 dollars worth of food for my house hold. In a hurry, I used the self check out lane. Ran my card and the computer froze on me! After half an hour of trying to explain(I had a atm print out of my before and after) that the money was taken out of my account I was literally told to leave or have the cops called on me! I left in tears without my food or money. The manager at the time smirked... Read more

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Review about Wolverine Durashock Work Boots from Hammond, Louisiana
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I just purchased a pair of wolverine durashok steal toe and I wore them tonight to go eat dinner and went and got Christmas lights on the way back to the truck the heal on the right boot just came off like I had a blow out! The rubber was like shredded and dry rotten they looked fine when I purchased them and when I tried them on I can't believe wolverine would let this happen very pissed right now!!!!!! Read more

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Hey guys I'm the author of a path of diamonds and low and behold I have searched every website my book is on, and I found this handy dandy calculator that calculates how many people have downloaded my book. Authorhouse says the calculator is lieing.. LOL can we say... Tax evasion? Lets pretend the calculator can lie... Is that wire fraud? I have been constantly asking authorities to stop authorhouse and I will continue until authorhouse either... Read more

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