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Dixie Rv - Shady Folks as Sorry and the *** They Sell 1.8 2017 Thor Quantum. Has not been on a single complete trip without breaking down. The compartment doors fly open going down the road because the... Barrister Global Services Network - Barrister no pay 1.0 Barrister owes me over $1000.00 in unpaid invoices. Their excuse is no parts returned. I have copies of returned labels. They won't accept my proof... Lowes - 69 Days and Counting 1.7 We order on the web with delivery, it never came, they told us to just come to the store and pick it up and when we went to pick it up in the store ,... Barrister Global Services Network - Field Technician 1.0 I warn anyone who is considering Barrister as a route for work. They are a very untrustworthy company to do work for they will find every way... Barrister Global Services Network - Barrister's 'lovely' technician treatment 1.0 I am employed under another company to do calls for a myriad of various companies. The benefit is I get guaranteed Mileage and pay even if the calls... Barrister Global Services Network - Dispatchers don't have a clue and tired of being ripped off 1.0 Dispatchers ALLWAYS call you several times for the same call and despite the fact that you tell them that, (a) it is too far away, (b) the pay rate... Led Christmas Lighting - My little boy is heartbroken 2.0 On 10/2/16 I ordered my little boy his favorite costume for Halloween from they immediately charged my card for the cost of... La Quinta Inn - Worst Experience Ever On October 21, 2016, I drove 11 hours to get to La Quinta Inn in Hammond, LA. I reserved my room a month ago and called the hotel the day before I...