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This guy must be making a mint advertising on TV buy one for $99.97 get one free plus shipping when you can buy one for $59.99 To $69.99 where is the $99.00 saving. It should be buy one @$69.99 get one free that would be about what they are worth. They need more... Read more

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the supervisor very rude talking down to me, acts like she doesnt want to help you, acted as if I was trying to pawn fake jewelry, i was getting loans because i have changed jobs i have over 1,000 worth of jewelry there i have never forfieted anything i have always... Read more

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The same thing here only Tidewater online account was down and locked us out of it so after 3 months of attempting to contact them they finally reached out to me I let Cynthia Milling key know that the account was locked she put me on a brief hold then come back on the... Read more

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The Walmart that is in Shepherdsville Ky. opened about a year ago in 2016. I take my elderly mother there because she likes this Walmart, but for the last few months they don't have any wheelchairs with the grocery baskets on them. They say they where stolen . Even the... Read more

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I make payments every week online and they didnt like it cause apparently they wasnt gettinf enough money out of me and so they decided to lock up my account and i always payed online

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this method of delivery is terrible for the customer. after getting the package fedex ships it around the country than drops it in a mailbox. the packages take about twice as long to arrive than if they had been mailed usps directly. very frustrating to track your... Read more

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I had the worst experience at this hotel and honestly, it should be shut down. I know that Motel 6's are not a 4 or 5 star hotel. However, I walked into a room that was completely dirty! There was hair/dirt/dust all over the floor, proving it hadn't been cleaned in... Read more

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  • Jun 20, 2016
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Got a significant increase in Direct bill. Called and found that they had "auto renewed" something that was "free" that I didn't know I had nor did I want it. Was never told I was getting it or that it would be auto renewed. Watch these crooks .

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I ordered this thinking maybe it would help my hair grow back. Makes your hair feel like straw and it falls out by the handfuls , when you try to return the talk down to you like your an ***. The women wouldn't let me return it and the man dan at ext 2221 was even... Read more

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Messed up my billing said that I owed over $1,000 in insurance that was already paid I've had insurance on the vehicle since I've owned it and now that has resulted in my vehicle being repossessed

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