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The same thing here only Tidewater online account was down and locked us out of it so after 3 months of attempting to contact them they finally reached out to me I let Cynthia Milling key know that the account was locked she put me on a brief hold then come back on the... Read more

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This guy must be making a mint advertising on TV buy one for $99.97 get one free plus shipping when you can buy one for $59.99 To $69.99 where is the $99.00 saving. It should be buy one @$69.99 get one free that would be about what they are worth. They need more... Read more

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Not very pleased with the service they were outside of there guarantee 3 foot radius sent a copy of the plumbing bill that stated it was 10 foot outside and they would not take that for proof. They do not explain what the guarantee is i was charged a extra $200.00 by... Read more

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Went there very excited about getting new dentures. Worked late last night, got up early. Told them when I got there that I had a very strong gag reflex. She came in and the lower went fine. Then she shoved a large mold with goop dripping out in my mouth. I threw... Read more

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If you don't make a good living at Schwans it's your own fault. How about getting out of the truck everyday and do the things that are going to make you successful. Quite frankly, I'm tired of reading reviews from the crybabies about the company I work for. When you... Read more

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I had the worst experience at this hotel and honestly, it should be shut down. I know that Motel 6's are not a 4 or 5 star hotel. However, I walked into a room that was completely dirty! There was hair/dirt/dust all over the floor, proving it hadn't been cleaned in... Read more

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I have tried registering it and I can't because web says that Pandigital no longer exist. You cant do anything on it. I cant pull up the web, I cant down load books. It will let me go to barnes and Noble but I cant down load. So what am I suppose to do with this now... Read more

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We spoke to a salesperson from Sunrooms and More while at the local Home Depot. They tried to sell us a $60,000 sunroom. We told them that was not what we were looking for and finally made them understand that we wanted a conventional stick built addition added where... Read more

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The Walmart that is in Shepherdsville Ky. opened about a year ago in 2016. I take my elderly mother there because she likes this Walmart, but for the last few months they don't have any wheelchairs with the grocery baskets on them. They say they where stolen . Even the... Read more

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I make payments every week online and they didnt like it cause apparently they wasnt gettinf enough money out of me and so they decided to lock up my account and i always payed online

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