I purchased a Stratolounger Big One recline Last fall. It was but a month and it was falling apart. The foot rest stays out all the time, it will not retract. I don't believe that Big Lots is the place to purchase furniture because they do not stand behind the products that they sell. The company that made the Stratolounger went out of business years ago and there is no support for the Stratolounger band. Stray away for this brand!!!! I... Read more

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Bought books from Books-A-Million .A very clever fast talking Dominque said you qualify for 3 free magazines for spending over a certain amount. She neglected to also say if you DON'T cancel in 3 months they will CHARGE your CREDIT CARD for the 3 magazines. Its in the fine print .... BUYER BEWARE... BUYER BEWARE.. SCAM SCAM SCAM..... This is a good way to get rid of customers. Each person you do this to tells many more. Ask yourself Is it... Read more

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I called AAA yesterday, December 29, 2011, for roadside assistance. Since the engine would not crank, I assumed it was the battery and told the customer service representative that I had purchased the battery from AAA in September 2010. They dispatched a Rescue Ranger to my house equipped with a replacement battery. The service technician jumped started the car and began to run the diagnostics on the battery and charging system. While the... Read more

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I had a Suzuki HSBC loan on a Suzuki motorcycle which was taken out in May 2005. The loan was paid off in Oct. 2005 but in 2015 I discovered that the title still had a lien in the name of HSBC Bank Nevada. In 2008 HSBC sold off all accounts to Capital One. Top further compound the problem, I didn't have any documents relating to this account anymore, not even the account number. After fruitless searching, I tried to see if my credit report had... Read more

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March 22,2013 My daughter purchased a TomTom Start Gps from Best Buy for a total price of $127.19 for my birthday. I did not know there was a window of 15 days to return an item.I tried to return the GPS on April 13,2013 Best Buy refused to give me the money or store credit.I am now stuck with a GPs that I neither want or can use. I am sure if the item had been purchased from any other store there would have been no problem in the return.Best... Read more

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We rented a 14 ft truck, dolly, furnature pads and the $28 insurance. We did a one way move and was under the allowed milage by 20 miles. We spent $202 just renting the equipment. Well.. U haul decided to take an additional $90 out of our bank account 2 weeks later without notifying us that they were doing so! We now owe the bank $218 for overdraft charges! For every item that came through that day we owe $25!!!! After making phone call after... Read more

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I am a former manager for Kindercare Learning Centers (also known as Knowledge Learning Corp) and am very upset with the way they run their company. Kindercare is very involved in the March of Dimes and I commend them highly for that but....starting last year Kindercare stopped offering Teacher Appreciation Week. Their reason for this is, Teacher Appreciation Week falls on the same week that KinderCare starts pushing for donations for March of... Read more

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I ordered the YOUTHOLOGY product to check it out. I meant to send it back, but had lost the packing slip. One month later, I received a Youthology charge on my bank statement for the same amount, although I had not requested another shipment. I was told, essentially, "tough luck". I had to receive the shipment, pay for the shipping and handling, then pay for shipping and handling to return the package, and THEN I would receive a refund... Read more

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The Huskee log splitter is the biggest piece of *** I've ever owned. I bought it 2 months ago and it has been nothing but trouble. I took it back to Tractor Supply and was told I could leave it and it would be fixed in a couple of months. Or I could drive it 2 hours drop it off at a shop wait about a month till they got it fixed then drive 2 hours and go get it. I guess it will make a nice paper weight. I don't see how Tractor... Read more

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I am 50years old with 30 years experience as a licensed insurance agent. So I have some experience in claims, but this is a nightmare! My mother purchased a Cancer Policy underwritten by Mutual of Omaha. The actual policy was called "John Wayne" Cancer policy. I called the claims dept and asked what claim forms were needed to process a claim. The rep informed me" Oh, we don't use claim forms, they are too confusing, just send us all your... Read more

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