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I purchased a Stratolounger Big One recline Last fall. It was but a month and it was falling apart. The foot rest stays out all the time, it will not retract. I don't believe that Big Lots is the place to purchase furniture because they do not stand behind the... Read more

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I paid of my loan with a check!!!! They are still saying I owe almost a 1000$......... I have called them repeatedly and am get the run around.....I ask to speak to whoever is in charge of the company because I was not getting anywhere with the customer service... Read more

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Ditech inherited my mortgage from another lender and I definitely did not choose them. In brief, I have had various mortgages for over 40 years and I can say without reservation that this is the worst mortgage experience I have ever had. They "lost" my timely April... Read more

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I had a Suzuki HSBC loan on a Suzuki motorcycle which was taken out in May 2005. The loan was paid off in Oct. 2005 but in 2015 I discovered that the title still had a lien in the name of HSBC Bank Nevada. In 2008 HSBC sold off all accounts to Capital One. Top further... Read more

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Hi, I have been a fan of this Perfect Dog System since 2008 when I saw the infomercial the first time and ordered the system. I was intrigued because he had such well behaved cocker spaniels in the infomercial. I have cocker spaniels so it was an added point. I... Read more

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I have lived at Woodbridge of Louisville for three years now. I was told that the new owners were going to make the place so much nicer. When I signed and read my new lease there were different things that you could not have or do. My rent did go up and now... Read more

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Behr Paint Review from Louisville, Kentucky
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We used behr restore on our deck in the summer of 2015. Now the deck is peeling and chipping off. Our one beautiful deck that we enterained on is horrible looking. We would like to receive compensation for our ruined deck. We now will have to hire a professional to... Read more

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It's been a revealing 6-12 months. Megan Kelly just can't stand Trump, and that's OKAY but she can't help but attack anyone who is for him. I might as well tune in CNN....or any of the other left-wing talk shows. There is a stark difference between Bill O'Reilly's... Read more

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Mr Handyman - Mr. Handyman of Louisville Northeast Photos show how shoddy work is
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Charged us nearing $4500 with cost of supplies. Now placed lien on our home stating we owe them still $500. Never would address the repair work where wood is still left exposed and wrap has gaps allowing for moister and rain to get in. They have attempted to bill us an... Read more

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My family was conned,swindeled tricked into helping a friend,we thought,who happened to be a long time Kirby salesman by the name of Ben Jones.This happened in Oklahoma.He is now in Washington.He gave my wife a Kirby vaccum cleaner for Christmas as a gift.He then told... Read more

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