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Stouffers Vegetable Lasagna gag 3.2 I have bought this before it was great! I made this last night and we are all queezy today. No thanks, won't buy again. I am not sure what the... Kindercare - Horrible This place has gotten a lot better comparatively to some of these reviews, but as a parent, I cannot abide my child staying here. She only attended... Taco Bell - Ignored 3.3 I walked into the restaurant and there was no one at the counter to help me. There were employees in the back, but they all ignored me. After about... Synchrony Bank - Their mistakes will cost you. 1.0 I paid every month early. After paying 4 months this way they decided my payments were too early and did not apply them to my due payment. I was... Calverts Express Auto Service And Tire - The WORST experience I've even encountered (10306 Shawnee, KS location) 1.0 I am a loyal customer of Calverts and they showed me who they are today. I just picked my car up from them for the 3rd time this afternoon. I... Rushcard - Customer Care Review from Shawnee, Kansas 1.0 Had a dispute over 600$. Company broke there contract and took our money. Sent rushcard all the documents showing this exactly. And that the company e... Patriot Health Alliance - Unbelievable results! I have been struggling with sciatica for several years. Tried everything. Stretches, exercises, a new mattress, heat and ice.
Decided to try Patriot Power Greens based on the claims that it reduces inflammation.
WIGSBUY.COM is a TOTAL SCAM! 1.3 This website is NOT real. They use photos of people who have their own REAL HAIR on to represent their FAKE WIGS. The photos were OBVIOUS that there...