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Boyds Gunstocks - Boyd's stinks. 1.0 I ordered a stock on 10/2/16. I was told that it would take 10-15 business days to get it done, and that I wouldn't have to pay until it shipped. ... Choxi - Shipping Service Review from Hutchinson, Kansas 1.6 I will never order from this company again! I ordered two items on June 14, 2016. Never received anything. Their phone tells you to hang on and then... Planet Fitness - Manager Review from Hutchinson, Kansas 2.4 The manager at the hutch is unfriendly and not very useful and many of the staff are rude and usless it be helpful if they had name tags to praise... Fazolis - Review in Cafes, Restaurants and Bars category from Hutchinson, Kansas 2.5 Hi I got employment at hutchinson, Ks. Fazolis on 8/1/16 1st day was done filling out paper work was tossed in back with no training, G.M. manger left... Budgetpetcare - Fake Frontline Plus product and alleged selling of debit card number. 3.0 Intentionally or not, I recently received an obvious fake shipment of Frontline Plus. I have used this product many times. It always works. I... Panda Express - Panda What?? 2.5 I drove up to the drive thru and ordered Black Pepper Chicken and Cheese Ragoon. They were out and had me to drive up so other customers could pick up... Netflix - Cutting out scenes from R rated movies 2.0 Seriously do we live in a child friendly environnment now? I just watched Rumble in the Bronx and pretty much the gorier aspect was removed. I say... ResolvedFeatured Kfc - Very Disappointed 3.3 Tried the Nashviile Hot Chicken this evening and it was a horrible experience. The chicken was swimming in a greasy substance and we could not even...