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Bought a snowmobile special trailer,drove 1300 miles to pick it up and it was not ready or right.Finally hooked on unhappy but they had my money so I was screwed.ONe month later they call me to inform me that the hitch is known to collapse and not to use trailer until repaired.That was march 2014,it is now jan 2015.They simply will not return my calls,have not told me any solution to the problem.They answer the phone and tell me they no nothing... Read more

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After being with US Cellular for about 14 years I have been very satisfied with their product and customer service so much that I talked my girlfriend into switching phone providers. This has been a huge mistake. Their customer service has been terrible for us in the past year and I have been seeing the decline for the past 2 years. The welcoming to US Cellular was a joke. The person setting up her account was rude and not even a "Welcome to... Read more

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I spent over a thousand dollars for a mastercraft patio door. I had the door installed only to find that the rain leaks in around the glass. Menards apparently don't care, since they already have their payment but, they will give me a complaint form. Mastercraft will not make a move to take care of the problem until they receive the complaint form. Once they get the form, they will send someone out in able two weeks. I just have to mop the... Read more

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I recieved my item in about 12 days after i bought it, however when i tried it on i couldn't get it past my knees. I'm due in sept so the summer months are going to be my biggest so i ordered 1 size larger. The sit fits someone who is a medium/small. The company blamed me and told me i didn't order right and said, btw were Asian size. Sorry but I'm American size. They won't give me my money back, all they will do is 20% or i have to pay to ship... Read more

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The item I purchased wasn't as pictured online. The online picture appeared as a dirty gray/dark shirt with a black print on front. The item arrived as a pure black shirt with pure black print on front: virtually invisible. Furthermore, the 'large' size doesn't fit the same as my large shirts, so I suspect it may be an adolescent size. Contacting teechip by email left no resolve, as they said the only way there can be ano exchange or return... Read more

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No longer going to be a rep for this. At first this was a sweet deal. But it seemed like every order I put in came to me with something messed up. Much of the merchandise I did get was poor quality and some I was embarrassed to sell to the people who ordered it. I think that would sum it up pretty much but pissed of consumer web site requires that I put in one hundred words so I am just going to ramble on and on until I get to one hundred words... Read more

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  • Oct 16, 2016
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This photo shows the color match up of my island cabinet. Way off

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Went in because of tooth pain in upper right side of mouth. After they did xrays and looked they said I had cavities in both bottom wisdom teeth and needed to see am oral surgeon for extraction. I said ok but it's the top right side that hurts. She looked again and said no tops are fine. Then I get home and I can feel the painful tooth feels rough. I touch it and my fingernail goes into part of the tooth. I ask my husband to look and he says... Read more

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I was hired by iYogi to repair a customer's computer. Apparently, they could not repair the computer via the Internet. I traveled 65 miles to the job site. And afterwards, 65 miles back home again. I was told I would be paid $90 for the assignment. At the customer's residence... I tested all of the computer hardware. The hard drive failed the S.M.A.R.T. test and needed to be replaced. I informed iYogi of this. There was some question as to how... Read more

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I am a 50 year old Hispanic male. I was followed by manager, assistant manager and employee around store like I was going to steal something. I have never been made to feel so uncomfortable and humiliated as these people did. What a horrible feeling to be singled out and watched. The sad thing is that I have been a Police Officer for 21 years and stealing from a store is the last thing I'd want to do in this world. When I asked the Assistant... Read more

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