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Billion Auto - Poor customer service 1.2 I made an appointment with them but when I arrived they were disorganized and bounced me around to 3 different sales associates. We finally got... Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Illinois - Lied about coverage 1.0 I called Blue cross blue shield of Illinois to see if an exam was covered before I went. They said "yes 100%" so I had the test done. Then I got the... Ulta - Customer Care Review from Clinton, Iowa 1.3 I arrived to my appointment 15 minutes early. I had to wait a few minutes before someone checked me in, no big deal. They told me I could sit and wai... Branson Tri Lakes Property Management - BTLPM - Forsyth Big problems with some tenants in Forsyth. While visiting, heard lots of screaming, hysterically, cannot make out if it is a child or a grown... Branson Tri Lakes Property Management - Misc. repair requests 3.0 Apartment living is not bad, location ok, BUT, needing something done that is not an extreme necessity, is IMPOSSIBLE. strange things are going on wi... Ashford University - They didnt tell me!!! Hurt! Still would like answers! 1.9 I transferred to get my BA degree at Ashford University in early childhood education. I was told they were accredited. I live in Illinois, but was tak... Hisense - Tablet Review from Clinton, Iowa 1.9 Had the same issue. Bought mine from Amazon on December 2nd 2015 for my kid. Awaiting Hisense to see what, or if, they will do anything. Owned plenty... Marvin Windows And Doors - All the seales on my sliding doors are wore out. Need new wood around the door wood is rotting I have 2 Clad Trimline patio doors. Both have lost all there seals they just fell off. One of the door on the bottom the wood is rotting and need...