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I transferred to get my BA degree at Ashford University in early childhood education. I was told they were accredited. I live in Illinois, but was taking the online classes in Iowa. I worked hard and graduated with my BA in hand! I was so excited! I was told someone... Read more

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I called Blue cross blue shield of Illinois to see if an exam was covered before I went. They said "yes 100%" so I had the test done. Then I got the bill. I called the doctors office and was told to contact my insurance provider, I did they said it was the was the... Read more

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I have 2 Clad Trimline patio doors. Both have lost all there seals they just fell off. One of the door on the bottom the wood is rotting and need repair. I know I am out warrinty. I need help finding someone to repair the problems. I bougth all my windows in Thomson... Read more

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I arrived to my appointment 15 minutes early. I had to wait a few minutes before someone checked me in, no big deal. They told me I could sit and wait or I could shop around and they'd find me when they were ready to cut my hair. hour later and not one... Read more

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Apartment living is not bad, location ok, BUT, needing something done that is not an extreme necessity, is IMPOSSIBLE. strange things are going on with a tenant. When inquiry was made it was basically brushed off. A particular tenant should be asked to move out but... Read more

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  • Sep 16, 2016
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The employees and manager that was on duty was very rude and not helpful at all! They acted like it was an inconvience to help customers. Every time a customer walked in, they were heard making fun of them.

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Big problems with some tenants in Forsyth. While visiting, heard lots of screaming, hysterically, cannot make out if it is a child or a grown person, but it sounds more like a female. Also a man yelling, cursing. Also baby screaming, etc. Was told a dog barking all... Read more

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Had the same issue. Bought mine from Amazon on December 2nd 2015 for my kid. Awaiting Hisense to see what, or if, they will do anything. Owned plenty of Hisense products. First issue. Mine took a good week or so of slowly expanding before it shattered the screen.... Read more

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We have purchased over 10,000 in furniture and have always had good luck with customer service and their products. NOT THIS TIME! We purchased a sectional in 2014 and paid over $2000 for it, included their warranty because we have 2 younger children. Well I noticed... Read more

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I play on online and they are a big joke. I had two thousand coins and i went to set up a game and they took those from me and i asked them why and they said i asked for a refund through face book. I never asked for a refund because i never bought... Read more

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