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I am submitting this complaint on behalf of my mother. She has been a Window World customer for years and has always been happy with them. In fact she referred many people to the company because of how happy she had been. That all changed about a month or so ago. My... Read more

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So i ordered my boys some boots for christmas on thursday and i get a email monday night saying that my order is on hold due to they need to check i was confused because i know the addresses i put in was correct. I set the order to be mailed to my job seeing... Read more

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Tbdress - Review in Footwear and Clothing category from Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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I was super excited when I found this website. I order several pieces and upon arrival was severely disappointed. All three pairs of pants were defective, the construction quality is awful and looks like they will fall apart on the first wearing, the sizing is not... Read more

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Until today the NYS forms are not available for filing due to the DO NOT FILE watermark. After numerous emails I keep getting same boiler plate answer...we are awaiting NYS to approve the forms. I've used them for over 10 years but this will be the last year for sure.... Read more

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I went to JD Byrider because as most that do I am working on my credit and needed a reliable vehicle. I decided to go with their insurance they offer assuming this would be the best because they are trying to make sure they get their money if something is to happen. I... Read more

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I have been a customer for 9 years. This year when I purchased my program, I was required to access my account online and purchase the program there. After I installed it on my computer, I realized in order to open up the program, you must access your online account.... Read more

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I ordered a my pillow according to the online guide. It was the most uncomfortable, least supportive pillow. Felt like I was sleeping with an old, half filled sack of lumpy socks. When I called to return , they say you are about to experience the best customer... Read more

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$3.50 delivery ? Gas is 2 $ a gallon ? U r losing sales , your driver stops n I ask , about delivery charge , i would Buy at least 30.00 every time he stops But i won't buy a nickel worth , with a 3.50 delivery charge, u don't get it , Can't management find some... Read more

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They exceed my expectations in terms of turnaround about 50% of the time, but they hardly ever turn around small orders within an hour. The other half of the time they take way to long, as in more than 24 hours, and we often have to end up cancelling our order. There... Read more

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I added a Reloadit pack to my safe on Friday. It is now Monday. I didnt try to load my funds to any of the cards in my safe until yesterday. Where when I was trying to load it to my Paypal card, it was telling me that My card was invalid. I then tried to load it to my... Read more

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