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Thrifty Propane - Problem with delivery driver's capabilities and Thrifty's no response attitude. 1.5 I have, for the last 2 years, had a delivery driver that either can't backup the truck properly or simply doesn't care where he puts it. The first... Kroger - 1-2-3 Rewards Prepaid Card Review from Seymour, Indiana 1.3 On July 1,2016 the soc. sec. admin. sent a direct deposit to my 123 kroger prepaid visa rewards card, and as of this morning those funds are still... Telebrands - Review in Shopping category from Seymour, Indiana I ordered mine about a week ago then we'll I found it when in fact it said it wasn't sold in stores I found it for $14.99 at Walmart and the ***... Terracom Wireless - Lack of full service I was for 5 years with PTEL com...Everything was perfect..Full service! With terra com I have to many restriction and one of what i need to have is... Perfectly Posh - Totally inspired consumer!!! 3.9 My daughter started selling for Perfectly Posh a few weeks back. Although I am one of the hugest skeptics towards any product and their owners market... Omnipod - Download problem My doctor and I find it impossible to download the information for her to be able to help treating me. She is ready to give up and have me go back... Midwayusa - Received wrong product I received earlier this week a pair of grips for a .44 Ruger Blackhawk that I didn't order but today I received a set of grips for a stoeger 8000 9mm... Dish Network - Review in Television/ Radio category from Seymour, Indiana 1.0 Why hasnt dish network had a lawsuit put on them for all the lies and trickery used to get custoners they promise you everything under the sun and...