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Bob Evans Restaurants - Worst experience that I ever had. 4.0 This is the 10th visit that we had at the Noblesville Indiana location (#445) at 12:00-12:41pm on 6/11/17. I must say I am extremely disappointed... Samsung Electronics - Rust Around Samsung Bleach Dispenser 2.2 We are having the same problem. Bought our Samsung washer in November of 2011. A couple of years in we noticed rust forming around the bleach... Featured Frontier Airlines - Customer Care Review from Noblesville, Indiana 2.4 took this picture from our seat on airplane and it is impossible to get hold of someone to repair/replace stroller. No one at either IND or ORD or an... Camping World - Rv Review from Noblesville, Indiana 1.8 I made a purchase in the London Ohio store. I was sold an extended warranty that when I tried to use it they denied the claim because it was a used... Horrible experience with Noblesville, Indiana Home Depot carpet installation. They have been doing carpet installation last 2 and half month but still not completed.. I lost hope on them. Installers came 3 times, but full... Deep Sea Cosmetics - Free Trial Review from Noblesville, Indiana 1.1 Deceptive marking practices. On initial order the online process forces customer to order higher cost item not advertised with 14 day trial. The... Klipsch Music Center - Excellent Handicapped Assistance 5.0 A staff member motioned for me to come in through the "out" door of the ladies room. It was closer to the accessible stall. She even kept anyone, not... Nationstar Mortgage Loan Review from Noblesville, Indiana 1.0 Nationstar has charged me $14 for a mistake they made. I made my regular payment & somebody decided to put my payment into escrow & i still had to...