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I purchased the 5 yrs protection plan from guardsman for my Ashley Furniture. Our dog was licking and discolored the leather couch we purchased. 1.6 The plan states animals bodily fluids are covered. When we put in a claim, they twisted things & said wear doesn't count. Our couch is only 2 yrs.... Guardsman - Rip off 1.0 Guardsman furniture protection is a total scam. I got talked into it by Boston Interiors Furniture store. Guardsman makes you jump through all kinds... Original Mattress Factory - Salesman is Pretty Arrogant and Misinformed We first walked in to the Original Mattress store, feeling good about our mattress shopping. We had stopped at two other stores and since Original... Coach Outlet - Wrong purse I ordered 2 Coach purses right after Christmas from the "official online" outlet. I paid $126. I was promised they would arrive within a week, excha... Stanton Optical - Glasses Review from Newburgh, Indiana 1.0 Total ripoff! Purchased special offer and both glasses were no where close to being usable! Complained and they gave us lame excuse about "sweet... Omnipod Insulin Pump Review from Newburgh, Indiana I've been wearing the Omnipod for about 1.5 months because my Medtronic pump finally died. I hate the Omnipod. My sugars are running high a lot of... Disgusted at Newburgh Walmart 1.0 I was in Walmart doing some late night shopping and i was about to buy a new T.V. The guy with red hair working electronics smelt so bad i had to... Walmart management is a JOKE i work at walmart as an overnight worker. so far the work seems okay at times, but support management doesn't know what the F^%% they are doing. this...