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Red Roof Inn - Horrible
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I booked the Hotel for the purpose to attend my cousins funeral. The hotel was nasty. I had to the scariest experience ever. I would not sit my things on the bed, not myself. I was scared to take my shoes off. I immediately grabbed my thing and took them back to the truck. I will never book with Red Roof Inn again. There was a lot of traffic in and out of rooms as well. I will not recommend anyone to stay at this Motel Read more

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Or problems and expenses do not compare to yours, but the Water-Furnace Unit we had installed has been such a nightmare. We have encountered so many problems with our unit. We built new in 2006, and had the Water-Furnace Synergy Unit installed. It has been nothing short of the worst experience ever. There has not been a part of this unit that hasn't failed. It was placed in the attic directly above the formal living room, it vibrates the... Read more

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I went online to and found a Busch Somerset Collection Credenza in maple listed for $110.99....pretty cheap being that all other websites sold the credenza for $350+ and so I bought it. I printed each and every page on the website showing the price & have all of my emails. A couple of days later a box was delivered & it said "Plumstruck" on the box was a picture and it was a computer chair. Plumstruck/Hayneedle are affiliated with... Read more

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I have learned a good lesson with this company and from now on I will always check for reviews prior to ordering anything on line!! This place is a pure rip off!! It has been 8 weeks since ordering and I have yet to receive my item. After a few emails I was told (like I was *** or something) that shipping is 6 to 8 weeks, that is when the shipping BEGINS, and I should have read that when ordering! I was also told it depends on how many of... Read more

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I was eating at dennys in merriville ind and this is how the spaghetti came out of the kitchen. I took one *** from where the spaghetti is twirled up on right lower corner, tasted greasy and old, i travel the U.S. and have eaten at many dennys and have never had a spahhetti come out like this. My guess is it was frozen the night before, took out that day and microwaved. Read more

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I attended Brown Mackie College to become a Medical Assistant. Out of all of the classes I attended, all of three of the teachers really had the brains and confidence to be teaching. The class corrected the teacher at times. There was a teacher that told us how to collect unemployment, because that was how she did when she did not get classes to teach. They made us buy books for subjects that we did not even touch the whole time we attended... Read more

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This is what I wrote to them and they just lie and then disappeared! Hello! My name is Raffaele, on March 27th my wife order a service from your franchise office in Merrillville Indiana. First of all we asked for the 99$ offer and when the guys show up they start add money to that because they said the rooms were oversize, second they try to sale to us a protection coat and an enzyme. We were confused and we ask to do just a regular cleaning. At... Read more

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I had my basement waterproofed 11 years ago. They did a decent job, and they were pretty fast originally. When I've had a sump pump go out or something small, they're pretty quick to come out and give me a new one. Other times when I've needed bigger work, they have been really slow to come out and do the work. Recently I went under contract to sell the house, and the day of closing the buyer did a walkthrough and to all of our surprise,... Read more

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Neil D Scheidt  40,496 Memorials Added 40,409 Memorials Managed This guy makes so called memorials without birth/death dates, or a photo. He uses the same blank double stone photo for most of his memorials. He prefers to make memorials mostly for Revolutionary soldiers. It's a sick twisted game for him. He's trying to build an army of deceased veterans. He believes he is the only descendent of these veterans, as you will see on his biography... Read more

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so my app was at 6pm and they close at 8pm anyway i get there and i had dr soo sim d.d.s. let me just say i found her to be very rude while she was pulling my teeth i wanted to tell her about a root problemi was having she told me i don't have time to talk to you i have to get these teeth pulled towards the end of her pulling my teeth she jabs me with a sharp pointed metal thing i have no idea wtf it was all i know is it hurt like *** ***. she... Read more

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