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Or problems and expenses do not compare to yours, but the Water-Furnace Unit we had installed has been such a nightmare. We have encountered so many problems with our unit. We built new in 2006, and had the Water-Furnace Synergy Unit installed. It has been nothing... Read more

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I have learned a good lesson with this company and from now on I will always check for reviews prior to ordering anything on line!! This place is a pure rip off!! It has been 8 weeks since ordering and I have yet to receive my item. After a few emails I was told... Read more

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This is what I wrote to them and they just lie and then disappeared! Hello! My name is Raffaele, on March 27th my wife order a service from your franchise office in Merrillville Indiana. First of all we asked for the 99$ offer and when the guys show up they start add... Read more

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so my app was at 6pm and they close at 8pm anyway i get there and i had dr soo sim d.d.s. let me just say i found her to be very rude while she was pulling my teeth i wanted to tell her about a root problemi was having she told me i don't have time to talk to you i... Read more

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My fiance and I put our kids Christmas gifts on layaway on November 27th, made all of our payments on time and then when we went to pay off and pick up our layaway on December 21st, they had lost 98% of our items. We were refunded the money for the items that were... Read more

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I attended Brown Mackie College to become a Medical Assistant. Out of all of the classes I attended, all of three of the teachers really had the brains and confidence to be teaching. The class corrected the teacher at times. There was a teacher that told us how to... Read more

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Person called me with an accent to tell me that I need to pay US CASH ADVANCE over 7000 that they had loan me $300 between the years 2008 and 2011 and couldn't give me a specific timeline. Stated not to worry that an NYPD officer will come to my door with all of... Read more

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I ordered according to Sleepys' website a queen "plush" mattress. It was as hard as a brick. The mattress was a firm mattress and this is NOT what I ordered. When I complained, a similar mattress was replaced with the old one returned. The mattress is NOT plush. A... Read more

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I have been a subscriber with Optum Rx for several years and this latest episode with them has just rubbed me the wrong way. My Dr. submitted a refill for my meds from the office and they filled it without my consent. Because they had my card on file they took the... Read more

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I wanted a more comfortable mask but I got a larger mask which was worse to sleep in. I call for a new mask or exchange the one I had. They said I could not. I said I would pay for a new mask out of my pocket, But I would like to see a new one like a friend of my had... Read more

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