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My husband brought me one for christmas. I can't say it is the most comfortable pillow I have ever used but it stays fluffy. most of time it is either by my side or on the floor. but it does not go flat. it is hard to get dry when you wash it. i wish i could find a good comfortable pillow that i could sleep on all night long.i have had my pillow for 5 years and it is still fluffy but your head sinks in the middle when sleep on it and you have to... Read more

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I buy a lot of items at DHgate and very pleased of service. All items have true describe. Sellers are answer at all questions very quick. Very good buyer protection and online support center. Most of the items have free world wild delivery. Fast delivery and short terms of shipment. Often many different discounts and free coupons from sellers and Dhgate. Good range of items. It is easy to found what you want. Good search service at site. Easy... Read more

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I received this radio faster than expected. Good product with Micro SD slot and also USB. Strong speakers and clear phone calls through Bluetooth. Connects to your phone via Bluetooth to have a hands free phone call. Shipping was about 2 weeks which is not bad for China. Package was well protected and the radio and the box were intact. I would recommend this product considering the price and the quality. This is one of the lower prices for a... Read more

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I am very happy with this Website there all top-level service delivery, prices. And also I recommend it is to my many many friends Ever since as I have learned about existence of this website I constantly shop there and orders. of course there were also disputes but they have been considered very fairly. with quality of the offered goods it is generally happy as well as the rendered services I don't know that else to add to the aforesaid words... Read more

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I am new here but not on other foreign trading platforms. So far I have ordered 11 products with no issues. Great high quality products beyond my expectations. Communication and research of the seller and the product plays a big role for a satisfactory buying experience. One have to shop around and compare prices, delivery window period, reviews, etc. Yeah! it's time consuming but we do the same thing when shopping on a mortar store. My only... Read more

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I am very satisfied and I use always Dhgate for my abroad orders. I feel very safe but you need to check your sellers for the quality of their products. They are trying very often to cheat but I always find a solution with your buyer protection team. There are many products available and it is very easy to select the product you need. Of course there is always place to add more products. I like also that most of the buyers ship their products... Read more

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Es una tienda que tiene una gran variedad de productos, tuve buena experiencia *** productos que no son electronicos, su tiempo de entrega no es el mas rapido pero siempre me llegaron los productos. Tener cuidado *** los productos electronicos porque varias tiendas ofrecen productos que son imitación de marcas reconocidas. Tambier tenercuidado de que cumplan *** el metodo de envio porque los metodos de envio express como DHL, UPS tienen costo... Read more

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I would use tracfone again only if I absolutely had to. Many strange service problems occur. The final straw was trying to get the number and minutes transferred for an elderly relative who uses a tracfone only for occasional needs. I was told that only 1600 of the 1881 accumulated minutes on the phone could be transferred to the new phone. A "company limit" I was told. Why??? Its only a number. She bought the minutes why can't she keep them... Read more

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Rural King would not refund my money on the living well heater because it was passed 30 days. My electric bill was outrageous and no one seems to know why. Will never purchase anything from rural king again. When we purchased the heater, the associate said it would not be a problem to bring the heater back if it didn't work as promised. When I talked to the manager, he said he had to know the associates name which we didn't have since he was an... Read more

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