I Selected 2 dresses online using the drop down size box as I do with every other site. Selected my usual size. I was so excited about my selection that when it took almost 3wks to receive them I EMAIL the company. I received the dresses 2 days later. I am 5ift9in these dresses are for a woman around 5ft. On the packing slip it reads to contact them for return information and return form. Ha!!! Apparently the drop down size selection... Read more

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Lenscrafters sold the anti glare coating to me and did not tell me it would rub off in less than 1 year. I told them about it and they said that is what it does. The glass is not scratched but it appears that way because the coating is coming off. LensCrafters said they would replace the lens for 200.00. The glasses cost me over 400.00 less than 1 year ago. Poor customer service and they should have told me that it would rub off. LensCrafters... Read more

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Thank you for your feedback. We are the largest provider of discounted promotional packages. We send over 300,000 packages per year and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The packages are 70% off the retail value because the resorts are sponsoring the special promotion and paying for the discounted room in exchange for your time during the resort preview. The resort verifies that each reservation complies with the terms &... Read more

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I worked at all three corperate stores.When I first started working there I was told to fix the vehicles as if my wife were going to drive them.I thought how could a place that thinks like this have such a bad rep,Well as the years passed and I went from the store I started at to the main store the value of the company switched from customer satisfaction to the bottom line.As usual you start out with a good idea and it get turned around by... Read more

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Hello my name is Ryan Brassard i was a student at Brown Mackie for 3 years. You are not the only one who has been duped by this school and there practices. I left Brown Mackie 6 months ago and am currently organizing a class action lawsuit. I am going to schedule an appointment with my friend and attorney on Monday. I have talked to several former students and they are also willing to join. I knew many people in the school who were taken... Read more

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I wanted an In styler for a long time.Im african american and the commercial looked liked it could do wonders for your hair.I would like to here from people of ethnic background to see how well it worked for them becouse to tell you the truth after hearing all of this Im scared to buy one.I also dont see how the company can go on with all these complaints of breaking and burning makes me wonder if its over exaggerated.Some of you people should... Read more

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Thank you for your feedback. Each Agency is independently operated. We will pass your input onto our Agency Division. Read more

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I have been using meaningful beauty for about 9 months now any actually think it is a decent ordinary product. However, it does not live up to its claims. It does not reduce aging any more than an over the counter system you could by at Walmart. The real problem I had was the customer service. They force you to be on a set shipment plan that is way to excessive. I tried s a few times to remedy the problems with shipments only to be treated... Read more

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anyone willing to get involved with a class action lawsuit please contact me @ cheriecnnn@yahoo.com o gary selig indianapolis indiana. we have seen seveal complaints regarding the turn over of citifinancial and then to santander and we are put in the middle getting our cars repo'd! we made our payments to citifinancial and come to find out they were never credited to santander!!! where did this money go! Who is collecting and cashing these... Read more

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and used that web address.. trymb.com/brush It took me there and I ordered. No brush arrived and when I contacted CS they told me I had to order when that commercial was on. I did ...since the brush enticed me to order. I am not getting a brush.. :( Also, their website rarely works for me. I am trying to cancel auto-ship and nothing is working on it. I've had this problem a lot. Do they do something to delay a cancellation so they can... Read more

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