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Thank you for your feedback. We are the largest provider of discounted promotional packages. We send over 300,000 packages per year and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The packages are 70% off the retail value because the resorts are sponsoring the... Read more

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What happened to Java Monster Mean Bean in Martinsville Indiana? I went to every gas station and store and ALL the shelves for Mean Bean were empty??? Did y'all stop delivering it or what??? Read more

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I Selected 2 dresses online using the drop down size box as I do with every other site. Selected my usual size. I was so excited about my selection that when it took almost 3wks to receive them I EMAIL the company. I received the dresses 2 days later. I am 5ift9in... Read more

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and used that web address.. It took me there and I ordered. No brush arrived and when I contacted CS they told me I had to order when that commercial was on. I did ...since the brush enticed me to order. I am not getting a brush.. :( Also, their... Read more

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I just got a call from this company located in Kentucky. The lady I spoke with then continued to read off my social security number, my email address, and one of my previous addresses. She told me I was set to be prosecuted for malicious intent...she was cordial until... Read more

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We were approved to build a home with Ryland Homes, we were tolled to pay the down payment first in order to start building, ($8200) .. 2 weeks before closing on the house we were disqualified for the loan, my wife and my 2 kids were devastated.... The strange think we... Read more

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We went in for carryout. We do this about 2 to 4 times a month because Bob Evans is our favorite place to get food & so when we get our social security checks, we treat ourselves to dinner out. This really is a big deal because we are living on a fixed income so it... Read more

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I have been a Melaleuca customer for almost a year. I have thoroughly loved every single one of the products I have ordered and used, except just one. When I called them up, they immediately sent out a different product of my choosing, at no charge. I love the... Read more

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Im sooo thankful for all your comments. I will cancel my order immediately and order a new debit card today. I knew something was up when i seen a photo of one of the bottles that had "Do not use if you do not have Hair Loss in family". I Just wanted my hair to grow... Read more

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My partner Shelby and I bought a 2017 hartland Pioneer,we signed the paperwork on 07/15/2016 and the unit was delivered on 07/18 to our camp site. Upon delivery, the delivery driver told us the stereo didn’t work and that they had to order a new one and he would... Read more

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