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Thank you for your feedback. We are the largest provider of discounted promotional packages. We send over 300,000 packages per year and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The packages are 70% off the retail value because the resorts are sponsoring the... Read more

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What happened to Java Monster Mean Bean in Martinsville Indiana? I went to every gas station and store and ALL the shelves for Mean Bean were empty??? Did y'all stop delivering it or what??? Read more

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I Selected 2 dresses online using the drop down size box as I do with every other site. Selected my usual size. I was so excited about my selection that when it took almost 3wks to receive them I EMAIL the company. I received the dresses 2 days later. I am 5ift9in... Read more

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and used that web address.. It took me there and I ordered. No brush arrived and when I contacted CS they told me I had to order when that commercial was on. I did ...since the brush enticed me to order. I am not getting a brush.. :( Also, their... Read more

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STAY AWAY from Behr Premium DeckOver!!!!!
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We refinished our balcony deck with Behr Premium DeckOver in the Fall of 2015 following all directions to the letter, including using the prescribed Behr deck wash product first, and it did not even make it four months through one very mild winter without peeling off... Read more

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We were approved to build a home with Ryland Homes, we were tolled to pay the down payment first in order to start building, ($8200) .. 2 weeks before closing on the house we were disqualified for the loan, my wife and my 2 kids were devastated.... The strange think we... Read more

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Other Company - Beware Joseph Gene Yungwirth (Joe), *** artist, contractor, plumber, electrician scam Indianapolis Indiana
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Joseph Gene Yungwirth, aka Joe Yungwirth, stole over $21,000 from me in a *** artist contracting scam. I hired him to rehab a house in Indiana. He demanded weekly payments and made up additional costs, asking for more money, and did almost no work on the house. He made... Read more

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I just got a call from this company located in Kentucky. The lady I spoke with then continued to read off my social security number, my email address, and one of my previous addresses. She told me I was set to be prosecuted for malicious intent...she was cordial until... Read more

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I have been a Melaleuca customer for almost a year. I have thoroughly loved every single one of the products I have ordered and used, except just one. When I called them up, they immediately sent out a different product of my choosing, at no charge. I love the... Read more

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spent 8 hrs in their dealership going from room to room being left alone for up to an hour at a time finally got a car. went to the back and signed papers with cnac at app. 70% interest and fees! then the finance person started with all their little threats about how... Read more

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