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Taco Bell - Very Bad Service 2.4 My name is Jhuantanae Gillespy, I recently visited the Taco Bell/KFC in Gary on Melton Rd. When I ordered, the workers in the back did not start... Anderson Trucking - Overcharging for repairs/ taking escrow/reserve and maintenanc accounts 1.0 after closely examining my repair bill from ATS I discovered that they over charged me for repairs that the truck didn't need. They seem to charge a... Hostess Brands - Pie is old!!!! 2.8 I purchased two apple pies for my lunch yesterday at my local gas station and they should not have been sold!!! I brought them to work to eat today an... Advocate Healthcare - This so called doctors secretary/office is a joke! have had several problems with a woman by the name of Rosa saucedo phone #1630.829,1084 supposedly to give messages to my brothers nurse... Roto Rooter - Update to $6000 job turns into $150 Roto Rooter has agreed to refund me the $410 charge for snaking a camera down the sewer line after they failed to rod it out. They used the images of... Roto Rooter - $6000 job turns into $150 On Labor Day, sewage began bubbling up in three basement drains: floor, shower and toilet. Only Roto Rooter was available on the holiday. A guy and... Nettalk - Totally Horsesh** Business! Works great IF your equipment lasts forever. If it ever fails, YOU ARE ABANDONED! They don't care if you still have 10 months of PAID service left!... Over paid Walmart card & they won't refund me I missed 1 payment but continued to make payment and sometimes a few extra dollars. However, Walmart closed my account, continued to send me regular s...