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I purchased a set of (2) My Pillows (one med & one harder) on QVC and received my pillows within a few days. The first week I slept on this pillow, thinking "I have finally found my pillow" (after spending $$ on several pillows over the years). After one week this pillow became so uncomfortable, filler inside seemed to become smaller/more compact and you have to move it around so much to get comfortable! I am waking up with the worst... Read more

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I did the trial membership and was surprised how many women supposedly were interested.After 3 days it was obvious that there would never be a connection here.Tip-offs---you send mail asking questions and telling about whatever but only get back single sentence replies.Also when telling someone your own personal e-mail address to contact you the reply will be Sorry,I just want to keep it on here for now-or you know how I feel about that.They... Read more

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I was offered a measly $8000 loan and had it almost paid off in 11 months and was offered another $1000 loan and I told them I didn't need it. I almost had the $8000 I borrowed paid off only one more month and I would have paid them back in full and only $23,742.39 in interest for a grand total $31,742.39 when I get a notice that my account still has a balance owed counting interest $36,596.78 and I looked over there clam it had 5 more account... Read more

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Approx. five years ago, we remodeled our kitchen spending over $40,000 - $25,000 of which was for Kraftmaid Cabinets with an ivory glaze on plywood...not particle board. From the very moment they were installed, problems appeared. The dove-tail joints showed small cracks and then cracks turned into peeling finish. Kitchens Plus company very kindly replaced cabinet door fronts, our garbage can pull out, and other cabinets....but then the... Read more

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Brown Mackie College is an institution of higher learning they claim. I am nearing the end of my course work and I feel I have not learned a single thing. While they have a great idea to push each student through a course per month they do not give time for the information to sink in. Some of the instructors are rude, conceded, and treat each student as a dollar sign. BMC over charges for books, supplies, general fees, and tuition. When things... Read more

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This chat transcript (edited as to order number) regarding my order for a precision electronic instrument (very light, small box, $55) and small, 1 ounce metal bracket ($9.99), for which I selected 2 day shipping and paid $12.53 for. Long, but frustratingly reflective of lack of concern for the customer: You are now connected to Jessie from Me: I placed my Order# xxxx yesterday. I paid $12.54 for two day shipping, specifically because... Read more

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I recently became a member of Planet Fitness at one of it's Indiana locations. I paid for a black card membership and was pleased to do so, however, whether I was misinformed or simply misunderstood a clause excluding my guests from enjoying the same extra benefits as myself I was informed of it quite unprofessionally from one of it's employees when I attempted to use the massage chairs with my 15 year old daughter. I explained to the employee... Read more

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I made the mistake of calling in an order. They told me it would be o w payment of 29.99 and that was it! I asked for the basic model when it arrived it was upgraded and so was the cost. Oh yeah there is another 5 payments of $60. They charged me $72.94 and an unexplained $45.06. They have several hidden charges so I realy am paying several hundreds of dollars for a 20 dollar item! It's a scam!!!! I called to ask about the charge and they said... Read more

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I would like to report a scam website called I'm a new online business and do not deserve to have creating unfound ratings of my business. All my business is conducted with legitimate and reputable business. When you search for my website you will find them. I’ll reporting them as scam because the of the deceptive information about their site. They are ripping off consumers and fear moguls and create... Read more

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Just like the rest of the complaints about Uni-fund, this one is no different.. Fraud Credit card transaction, missed, sold off to another credit card company, passed on down to another card company, than 6 years later to this Uni-fund company. ONLY we were never contact by a collection call, or mail, or certified mail stating the debt. Then came the Judgement, also no notified. 2 years later, bank garnishments. Than we try to settle.. nope... Read more

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