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I purchased a set of (2) My Pillows (one med & one harder) on QVC and received my pillows within a few days. The first week I slept on this pillow, thinking "I have finally found my pillow" (after spending $$ on several pillows over the years). After one week... Read more

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I was offered a measly $8000 loan and had it almost paid off in 11 months and was offered another $1000 loan and I told them I didn't need it. I almost had the $8000 I borrowed paid off only one more month and I would have paid them back in full and only $23,742.39 in... Read more

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We had an E Series geothermal system installed in 2007. The system had problems right away with coil leaks, low pressure in the lopes,damper motor problems,zone board problems,etc. The contractor who installed the system,went right to work......I thought! What really... Read more

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I did the trial membership and was surprised how many women supposedly were interested.After 3 days it was obvious that there would never be a connection here.Tip-offs---you send mail asking questions and telling about whatever but only get back single sentence... Read more

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E048 2 stage compressor failure on 1/8/17 at 13.5 years. Unit was pretty reliable until last year when a fan ECM had to be replaced for $550. Now the compressor. I do not consider this acceptable for purchasing what was the best of the best. My dealer just told me it... Read more

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Lucky for me I didn't buy into their sales gimmicks because I use to be in sales and spotted the scam immediately. First they said it would cost $15,000 to fix my basement, which I thought seemed far excessive for 5 days worth of work. Then they told me they would... Read more

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Frontier promised a 3 year no increase deal which I signed up for December of 2014. When I quit multiple phone, internet, etc. with them back in 2014. I had to fight them over their overcharges and increases. Since I keep very specific notes, and after they wouldn't... Read more

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Movers stole from me: a book of checks, Hummel figurine, my expensive stereo and speakers, coffee grinder, prayer box, ray ban sunglasses. They will not take responsibility. In addition , North American van Lines lost over 100 personal items. I keep Messing and editing... Read more

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If you want to get taken advantage of (especially if they can see they have an opportunity to do so) you should go to this car lot. Not only did they rush the sales process even more than the rush I already was in after being advised that my time was short; but the the... Read more

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I made the mistake of calling in an order. They told me it would be o w payment of 29.99 and that was it! I asked for the basic model when it arrived it was upgraded and so was the cost. Oh yeah there is another 5 payments of $60. They charged me $72.94 and an... Read more

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