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This is a non-refundable company. My first order & I received an already opened & partially used container of blessed out body sugar scrub! Inexcusable! Then there's only 1 phone number, which nobody ever answers. This a an extremely shady company where I wasted... Read more

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We recently visited the Steak n Shake in Edwardsville, Illinols and had a very pleasant experience.We would like to compliment our server Delissa for providing us with such friendly service.It makes all the difference in tne world to us when our server is kind and just...

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Had my social security direct deposited to Go Bank. They claim no record of it and said social security is responsible. Takes forever to get someone on the phone. And then they just spit out in broken engrish that it is the other bank's fault. Or they just send you... Read more

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I went to the Woodriver IL Fantastic Sams and paid 100.00 for a hair cut and high lights and I came out with orange chopped hair ! Because I did not buy there hair products I could not get a refund. So if they make a mistake on your hair your gonna pay for it ! The... Read more

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I bought a Pinguino Air-to-Air PAC C120E - De'Longhi air conditioner. It developed black mold at the air out vents. I found the parts break out sheet and the vent is supposed to pop out. It seemed that I'd just pop it out and clean the vents. Well it doesn't just... Read more

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  • Oct 01, 2015
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They never shipped my items I purchased online and it's been like 7 months. They won't answer back, do not use this trash website! They will not refund! Scam trash garbage company

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Bought a 32" TV from kmart. Stopped working the month the warranty was over. A waste of $200. No one would do anything. No one at seiki spoke english.

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Same exact thing for me also...... however I finally got several responses from them after threatening to contact my lawyer and the "Sam" guy was not only rude but a complete ***!!! I wish I could screen shot the messages and post on here the response I got back... Read more

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I was at the Wood River, Illinois Aldis today and did my shopping and went to check out. I hadn't seen this crew cut blonde checkout guy before so I assumed he was new. He checked me out ok BUT I was the only one that said THANK YOU. Isnt it their place to say... Read more

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They don't work with you if your having problems paying like most loan companies their idea of helping is calling you everyday for money you don't have Read more

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