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My husband and I went to the Jewelry Exchange on 2/19/16, to pick out a ring for our 20th wedding anniversary. First thing is we picked the ring setting. There was no problem there. Then when it came time to pick out the diamond, it turned into a nightmare. The... Read more

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BUYER BEWARE!!! This is a three year contract even if your equipment stops working!! We were happy when we first agreed to this as we rent Our house and wanted to take our alarm system with us when we moved. Upon getting the equipment one of our door sensors did not... Read more

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They delivered my $1500 Clayton Marcus sofa one week ago and it looks like it's several years old. Poorly made with threads hanging out everywhere, piping uneven, one sofa arm is larger than the other and the cushions don't line up and 2 cushions are sewn... Read more

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As a realtor, when I enter my listings in my multiple listing service, my listings will show up on I want to tell you this site is not reliable. Do not use this site. I currently having a listing that has 4 total bedrooms in the home. When you look at... Read more

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Hi, I want to let people know that 6 months ago I bought a double bed and shortly after there was a bump in the middle of mattress and rolled you to the side of bed, had a guest who also questioned what was wrong . I phoned Sleepy and told them and was treated so nice,... Read more

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Products take forever to come, then are not even close to the pictures or description. Colors are incorrect, shirts look nothing like the picture, sizes are inaccurate, quality is worse than poor. Companies customer service says to send pictures and then they will... Read more

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By some mistake my tablet # did not transfer out when I switched services. I was on autopay (please never give them this authority) so it was a full month before I figured out they were still taking money out of my checking account. Apparently there is a minimum line... Read more

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We bought all new Kenmore Elite appliances for our kitchen, and also a washer and dryer. The only non-Elite is the convection microwave, and that is a GE, as I wanted to stay with Advantium, which is what Kenmore used to have. So far I have had visits on everything... Read more

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I was in the process of opening a business savings with Chase, when they decided to close my business checking and not pay any of the bills I had paid. However, they kept letting deposit go in my account. After the four day of going into the bank to withdraw my... Read more

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I purchased a Wolfgang Puck Pressure Cooker and it quit working after 3mos. I contacted HSN where I purchased it and they referred me to the Customer Service for Wolfgang Puck. They Stated they would be sending me a new outside unit in 8wks. Well its been 3mos and I... Read more

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