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i saved for three years to purchase my dream sofa. it was the Stickley Fargo in a custom fabric and i was thrilled. The trouble started on the day it was delivered from a local, high-end dealer in the Chicagoland area. there was goose in the pillows; I'm allergic, told the salesperson i was allergic but no one advised me of the goose. (this salesperson was not honest; she said with my purchase i would get a interior design help worth $250, but... Read more

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My husband and I went to the Jewelry Exchange on 2/19/16, to pick out a ring for our 20th wedding anniversary. First thing is we picked the ring setting. There was no problem there. Then when it came time to pick out the diamond, it turned into a nightmare. The sale person kept showing us diamonds of low quality and very yellow. We were looking for a round diamond about 1 cart. The price range was 2500 to 4500. After two hours of them... Read more

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i purchased a craftmaster swivel rocker with custom fabric and the chair that was delivered was indicative of why we have lost a lot of manufacturing jobs in America. It was the shoddiest piece of work I've ever seen. Seams crooked on arms, inconsistent padding on arms, legs, back, stains, etc. To their credit the store (after i talked with the manager and told her what their customer service had done - a different story) ordered me a new one... Read more

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BUYER BEWARE!!! This is a three year contract even if your equipment stops working!! We were happy when we first agreed to this as we rent Our house and wanted to take our alarm system with us when we moved. Upon getting the equipment one of our door sensors did not fit one of the doors, and the alarm was barely audible outside the room the base was in. When the equipment stopped working I stopped paying. Now I have nasty employees from... Read more

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As a realtor, when I enter my listings in my multiple listing service, my listings will show up on I want to tell you this site is not reliable. Do not use this site. I currently having a listing that has 4 total bedrooms in the home. When you look at the header of the listing, it incorrectly states that it only has 2 bedrooms. I brought this to their attention and Redfin continues to blame this on my multiple listing service,... Read more

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They delivered my $1500 Clayton Marcus sofa one week ago and it looks like it's several years old. Poorly made with threads hanging out everywhere, piping uneven, one sofa arm is larger than the other and the cushions don't line up and 2 cushions are sewn crooked!!! the stuffing is inadequate and the corners curl and they must have known when they did it since they stuck more batting between the covers. the cushions are already... Read more

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Pulled monthly credit report and found 3 claims for bad checks to C.V.S. I have never written any checks to named Pharmacy. I believe that these women see a claim about a male and proceed to reporting false claims. I firmly believe that they are sexist. And enjoy doing this false reporting knowing That in our society a women owned firm knows there is NO recourse. When making an attempt to speak to some one at the boiler room firm, I was met with... Read more

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Navin Khandhar (Navinchanra P Khandhar) purposely engages in real estate fraud, violates the law and exhibits arrogance. He is basically an arrogant ***. He lists homes on the MLS without homeowner authorization, forges signatures and dates on documents and perpetrates fraud. Navin Khandhar fraudulently bids for HUD homes as owner occupied knowing well that the owner is an investor and deprives honest people of fair bidding privileges. Navin... Read more

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I purchased a trailer hitch on Sunday and it was delivered Tuesday. Only problem, the item was not sent to the correct address due to a system glitch with their website and PayPal. After 45 minutes on the phone with etrailer's customer service, I was told I would have to pay shipping to get the item to the correct address. Any refund would require me to pay return shipping as well. I called PayPal immediately after getting off the phone with... Read more

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Hi, I want to let people know that 6 months ago I bought a double bed and shortly after there was a bump in the middle of mattress and rolled you to the side of bed, had a guest who also questioned what was wrong . I phoned Sleepy and told them and was treated so nice, they gave me a credit to purchase another one. I was very appreciative !! So when I went in to use the credit I decided to get a twin mattress instead . SO now they charged me... Read more

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