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My husband and I went to the Jewelry Exchange on 2/19/16, to pick out a ring for our 20th wedding anniversary. First thing is we picked the ring setting. There was no problem there. Then when it came time to pick out the diamond, it turned into a nightmare. The... Read more

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BUYER BEWARE!!! This is a three year contract even if your equipment stops working!! We were happy when we first agreed to this as we rent Our house and wanted to take our alarm system with us when we moved. Upon getting the equipment one of our door sensors did not... Read more

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My 86 year old in laws were just scammed out of $8,000.00 by a phone scam where the caller pretended to be a grandson in trouble. They panicked and were duped but this was all made possible because Target is more interested in the bottom line than protecting senior... Read more

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  • Oct 26, 2016
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Megyn Kelly is terrible! Her show is about her, and she really is not that good. She clearly has a bias against Donald Trump. Her discussions with both Pence and Gingrich on 19/25 was over the top & bad! She has an agenda and I think hurts Fox News. I have decided to...

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I have been getting calls from this National Health Enrollment Center all day today at an average of 5 calls every hour with a total of over 40 calls till 4pm (Cst). I have requested multiple times to take me off the list as i have not requested for any service and... Read more

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As a realtor, when I enter my listings in my multiple listing service, my listings will show up on I want to tell you this site is not reliable. Do not use this site. I currently having a listing that has 4 total bedrooms in the home. When you look at... Read more

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  • Nov 05, 2016
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its blank 10.00 money order not filled out from rite aid they wont change it back for me its *** ,man all a hussle they a store ill never go to again

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By some mistake my tablet # did not transfer out when I switched services. I was on autopay (please never give them this authority) so it was a full month before I figured out they were still taking money out of my checking account. Apparently there is a minimum line... Read more

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  • Aug 30, 2016
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Frist, I have been purchasing Charmin for as long as I can remember without any problems. I purchased a 12 roll package of the Ultra Soft mega rolls from mr local grocery store. Now I am having difficulty pulling sheets off the roll. It look like a cat has been...

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  • Aug 25, 2016
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Worst customer service I have ever dealt with and super unprofessional it's been like a month since I ordered my item and it still hasn't come and I haven't heard anything about it honestly it's just ridiculous. Tried contacting the seller and nothing. I'm just really...

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