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Sunset Training Center - Fraud I came to find out the hard way Claudia Haugh is a fraud! Not only is she banned for life from registering any dogs with the AKC but also shut down... Mediacom - Internet Service Review from Spring Grove, Illinois 1.8 I pay $180 a month for cable and internet. I have been with mediacom for 3 terrible years. Internet that is slow or goes out. Rising cable costs... Aqua America - Review in Utility category from Spring Grove, Illinois 1.0 Aqua is one of the most unethical companies I have encountered. Aqua cares more about the shareholders bottom line than the health and satisfaction... Chamberlain Photo Restoration - 6 months now. 1.0 6 months later and he still has my photos. I believe this man has a mental problem, seriously. He gets a sick satisfaction of holding peoples photos... Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Combo Meal Review from Spring Grove, Illinois 1.0 Tonight we ordered dinner from popeyes. We drove 25 minutes each way. I ordered 6 meals. When I got home we opened the bags to eat only to find all bu... Chamberlain Photo Restoration - Chamberlain Restoration 1.0 I'm trying to contact as many review writers as I can. I've filed a complaint with the BBB but the process is taking a very long time. One other write... Chamberlain Photo Restoration - Thief and weasel 1.0 This man is a fraud and a thief. He charges exorbitant fees, gives you a quote and when he gets your photos he then changes his fee and holds your... Ancestry - New website format is an insult to serious researchers ! 1.0 I do not like the new visual format on Ancestry , and yes change takes time to get used to . But being forced to get used to a change you do not want...